5 Top Smartphone Wearable Apps of 2021

Android wearables make use of Wear OS-compatible applications. Android wearables provide a diverse set of capabilities that may be used to create a complete bundle of wearable technology. Google’s wearable operating system was originally dubbed ‘Android Wear’ but was subsequently renamed ‘Wear OS.’

The world of mobile technology is more fascinating than ever, with businesses developing mobile, internet-connected gadgets that improve lives in various ways. One area that has exploded in popularity is that the demand for wearable app development is high. Today, there are many wearable mobile gadgets linked with mobile applications that make life simpler, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

#1. Citymapper

Whenever we try to make our way to a new location or want to learn more about our surroundings, we always use smartphone apps. You can rapidly access city information using Citymapper’s Smartwatch mode and easily locate a restaurant in your current city. A benefit for those who love to explore the world.

  • One of the most useful aspects of Citymapper is its capacity to assist users in locating convenient forms of public transportation in the city to which they are traveling. You may, for example, check up bus timetables and monitor their real-time position.
  • Provides information about nearby Uber vehicles to assist you in locating a fast trip.
  • Additionally, the software may build an orderly system of various forms of transportation that you can utilize to get to your destination.

#2. Ringly Smart Ring

Ringly, a wearable technology startup specialized in smart jewelry, has released its smart ring, which is rapidly establishing itself as one of the finest pieces of wearable technology in 2019. The ring, which would be fashionable and appears like any other item of jewelry, monitors and records activities through an app. The wearable smart gadget tracks steps taken, distance traveled and calories burnt. Additionally, the ring notifies users when they get a phone call or text, and it is a water-resistant type of smart wearable tech that can be worn throughout the day.

#3. Calm

Allowing oneself to relax is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Proper meditation and enough sleep are essential for relaxing our thoughts and bodies. Calm is an incredible wearable software for Android users that teaches us how to incorporate meditation techniques into our daily lives.

  • It helps you sleep better by providing a variety of therapeutic tunes and sleep tales. 
  • It enables you to relax and unwind by providing soothing pictures and sounds and removing distractions.
  • It includes a series of breathing techniques performed in conjunction with meditation and helps alleviate internal tension.

#4. Podcast Republic

The Podcast Republic is just one of several webcast apps available for Android Wear. It contains a large collection of online recordings, including video and audio. Additionally, it supports automated downloads, multiple playlists, playlist matching, several languages, and SD card compatibility.

The Android Wear version of the program isn’t quite as robust, but that’s OK. The free edition includes advertising, while the premium version does not. That is the primary difference between the two. It is one of the finest podcast applications for Android watches.

  • Requires little authorization to preserve one’s privacy.
  • A diverse selection of free podcasts.
  • Multiple playlist options for easier managing of playback.
  • A sleep timer is included.

#5. LVL

LVL is a wearable piece of smart technology that serves as a hydration meter, assisting users in ensuring they are drinking enough water. LVL is worn on the wrist, and the smart wearable gadget monitors the user’s hydration, heart rate, and activity. The gadget may encourage wearers to drink more fluids in real-time and maintain users’ activities and health through a connected app. By entering their emotions into the LVL app, LVL learns how a person will sleep and their hydration levels influence future moods.


Without question, wearable applications are the most sophisticated kind of application available today. This growing sector is becoming more competitive, with new applications appearing on a near-daily basis. Creating these applications needs the appropriate combination of skills and expertise. To build a satisfied user base, a wearable app development firm must first properly grasp its clients’ needs. Providing excellent support to your consumers through your wearable app is necessary to promote your effort.

Android wearable applications are no longer limited to displaying brief alerts; they also include interfaces that amuse users and monitor their health data in an organized manner. However, many mobile application development services are likely to rely on a partner app installed on a smartphone or similar parent device, along with a few independent capabilities on the smartwatch. If you’re looking for Android wearable app development services, you may contact a firm specializing in developing wearable applications that perfectly complement your brand.


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