SoundCloud Marketing – How to Get Heard!

There can’t be any doubts that SoundCloud has rocked the foundation of music. Because not only has it opened doors for indie artists, but it has provided a fair platform for music distribution. So, whether you are a making the music yourself or working as a manager, you need to be utilizing SoundCloud Marketing.

The excitement only builds when things like the Connect with SoundCloud tool comes into play.
Why? Because it’s a direct link to the SoundCloud community.

Of course, there are several other tools at your disposal. And if you use them the right way, it can increase the number of plays and likes you get. The final result is a major boost in visibility and popularity. For guaranteed results buy soundcloud plays

Yes, there are many tools, but through this guide, you will learn about the most efficient ones. And all of them will see you growing your SoundCloud reputation.

8 Tips For Mastering SoundCloud Marketing

1. Start With Effective Tagging for the Best SoundCloud Promotion

The first question you need to ask yourself is how people are going to land on your profile and music? The simple answer is effective “tagging”, and the best tagging is by using clear and honest keywords.

For example, if you recorded a solo guitar, let the tags clearly reveal this information. You also want to use the right categories, but definitely, make tags a priority if you want to increase traffic.

The trick is to stick to a genre in order to avoid building confusion. Simply adding irrelevant tags and different genres for visibility won’t just have a negative impact search-wise, but listeners are going to get angry.

Essentially, clear tags that are relevant to your music will be the best way to go. This way you’ll cater to those who really want to hear it.

Hot Tip: You can cross-promote by tagging and linking to those you collaborate with on SoundCloud. All it takes is a “@” symbol in front of their SoundCloud nickname where used in the song description.

2. Make Things Convenient With A Buy Link

Of course, it’s nice to rake in all those followers who review and like your music. But if you want to make a career out of music, you need to sell it as well. Make it easy for people to buy your music by adding a buy link.

These links can be to any platform you like selling your music on. Whether it’s Bandcamp or Spotify, or even on iTunes, just add the link and make things happen.

Hot Tip: Just in case you are interested, with a pro account you can customize the button text.

Now, you can get the button to say things like Stream or Donate, which can be very effective for sales purposes. In fact, you’ll be surprised how many people are ready to support indie music.

3. Paint Your Image With Waveform for Better Organic SoundCloud Promotion

When fans really like what they are hearing, they can voice their opinions on your waveform. However, it doesn’t mean they are the only ones who should be using it.

You should be there as well, interacting with fans and letting everyone know what you are up to. The more transparent you can be about your music creation process, the more interested people will become. You can even use your waveform to ask for feedback and advice.

Simply add something like, “Tell me what you guys think about this riff” at the necessary point of the song. From there, everyone who listens can air their opinion and whether you are heading in the right direction.

While you might think you only need to publish tracks that are complete from start to finish, you don’t. People like listening to drafts and spur of the moment recordings. Plus, they are great for feedback purposes.

4. Marketing on SoundCloud means Paying Attention To Album Art

If you don’t know it by now, album art is especially important on SoundCloud.

Whether you are embedding your song on the site or sharing it on your social media platforms, the album art will travel with these links. And yes, the art used on the cover needs to speak to the music on the album.

This means you should choose something significant and with substance. You want it to grab attention and stand out from the rest. At the same time, pay attention to photo quality and dimensions. And if you can’t design the cover yourself, get a professional to do it for you.

5. Private Links

Everyone has their own way of promoting their music, and private links can really help. In this case, SoundCloud offers a special option where private links are created. Basically, if you only want certain people to be able to hear certain songs, you can create and send them an exclusive link.

These are great if you are reaching out to radio stations or labels, or if you want to give hardcore fans something extra for their dedication. And when you are finished with the private link, you can reset it.

As far as making a track private, simply tick it for “private” when you upload the track.

6. Publishing Is Only The Starting Line for SoundCloudMarketing

After all the trouble you go through to finally get your album cleaned up and out there in public, you think the hard work is over. But it’s not.

Assuming you get some good traffic on one of your songs, and the likes are building like crazy. But you also find the song needs tweaking, but you don’t want to risk taking the song down and losing all those likes.

The good news is that you can swap the audio at any time. In other words, make the necessary tweaks and changes, then simply upload a new version of the song. The likes will remain as well as the comments.

Obviously, the ability to update a song when you feel like it really makes SoundCloud extra special. But remember, a song doesn’t have to be perfect every time you publish. Instead, you can use SoundCloud listeners to help you mold a song into the perfect track ever recorded.

7. Organic SoundCloud Promotion Means Sharing

Just like you need people to share your music, do the same for other musicians. The Kharma you send out will eventually make it’s way back to you, and it gives you the chance to network with other artists. Plus, sharing helps to show that you are an open-minded individual, and there is no telling how big of a boost it can have for your SoundCloud career. Take for example the possibilities of sharing the work of another artist. Now, they become aware of you and they start looking at your work. Before you know it, you are collaborating and giving each other advice.

Networking like this can increase your fan base dramatically, and not to mention the popularity you’ll enjoy among your peers if you have something useful to share.

And keep in mind that SoundCloud is a global platform. This means you can make your music available to people across the oceans and your options are never limited. You just need to approach these opportunities right and make the most of them.

In fact, once you’ve added all your connections to your Account tab, sharing doesn’t get any easier. From your Facebook to your Twitter profile, all your followers will instantly be notified.

8. SoundCloud Marketing Requires you to Show Consistency

Yes, SoundCloud is a brilliant tool that can really take you places as a musician. But it’s also something that requires consistency. Fans want to know you won’t just be another fly-by-night artist that never comes back with a second hit. Instead, they want to see you keeping your profile up to date as much as possible.

If you don’t show consistency, listeners are not going to take you seriously. And if you want to effectively promote on SoundCloud, it’s not going to happen overnight.

Not only will the above-mentioned tips help you to promote your music, but it will help you establish yourself as a serious artist and musician. All you have to do is create your SoundCloud profile and start uploading.


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