Starting Secondary School During a Pandemic

Reopening of schools

The government announced to reopen of schools in the first week of September after an extended closure due to the epidemic of coronavirus. All the students will rejoin schools in early September, but parents are worried about the safety and health risks to their children as the pandemic has not finished yet. When schools reopen, there will be a massive surge of pupils in schools. It will lead to an increased risk of getting infections. Pupils are just tired now while staying home and doing nothing. They want to rejoin schools, friend zone meetings, and playgrounds again as soon as possible.

Students are glad to rejoin schools:-

Although pandemic has not finished yet, there are still risks of hazards of the second wave of coronavirus spread. The government announced to reopen schools to compensate for the educational losses students faced in this pandemic. Students of secondary schools are happy now to rejoin schools in September. Most students expressed their feelings to the news reporters.

Schools have been closed since the start of March, and one academic year of students is wasted now, but the exam board is going to promote pupils on their previous academic performances. However, students fear that most of the students are on the edge of down-evaluated grades. It is all just because of the pandemic but all students should not be worried they will regain their grades. And for all college and other university students, a cheap essay writing service offers its expert assistance for their academics.

Impressions of Secondary school pupils:-

The Secondary school students said that reopening of schools after a long time feels like a miracle, it is more than good for us to rejoin schools now. Eleven-year-old student, Phoebe South, said that he is feeling quite excited to rejoin school soon, he was waiting to go to school again for a long time. Students are happy to assume gatherings with their best friends in the school. Phoebe South is enjoying holidays with her family nowadays. She said that it is delightful to assume that one of my best friends is going to be in the same bubble as me in the classroom, we all are expecting good days now.

She reads in Wykham Park academy and paid tribute to her institute that her institute is going to make transitions in order to make the whole school safe from infections of coronavirus for students. While the school is also ready to face a massive influx of Secondary school students in the coming weeks, they have completed all the arrangements regarding precautionary measures.

Affirmations by Wykham Park academy:-

Wykham Park Academy is a coeducational school of Oxford-shire in England, the Senior Principal of Wykham said that we are looking forward to the returning of students in school this year normally, and have completed all the transitions and arrangements to keep all students safe from coronavirus. The students will meet their teachers in classrooms, meet their class fellows, and enjoy school time. It is charming to have such experiences after a long time. All the parents are welcomed to attend teacher-parent meetings in the school to assess the safety measures taken by the school.

Online video guidelines for parents:-

The schools have made video tutorials for parents to teach their children about the safety measures which they will practice in schools in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The schools issued these online tutorials to all parents. They advised strictly to make the children familiar with safety measures so that there is no hindrance for them to implement these transitions in schools. Moreover, questions from parents will be adequately entertained in a short time. The schools are advised to make fun transition projects to welcome students in the school after the period of crisis.

Pandemic made life stressful:-

Mr. Williamson claimed that pandemic has made the lives stressful, students and parents are worried to some extent by the threats of coronavirus. Schools are trying to eradicate their fears regarding health risks; schools have made strategies to cope with all possible difficulties. The students will remain in one place in schools, and teachers will move to them to take classes. It will make a more safer environment for children in schools. 

Prepare students mentally:-

The management of schools advised parents to make their children prepare for possible hurdles in rejoining schools, like no rush in corridors, the formation of bubble circles in every class, and one-way movement in passages. The parents should prepare their children to wear masks and use sanitizers frequently in the schools so that there are minimum chances of the spread of infections. Whether you are a parent or teacher, tell your children about the excellent situation that is coming now. It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to train all their students to take care of precautionary measures in schools. No doubt, students of Secondary schools learn and adopt things quickly according to the situation.

Special care in schools:-

The students will learn to cope with totally different issues, and they will be diagnosed with mental health conditions along with physical health conditions. It is more difficult to start school in this time of pandemic as compared to normal routine life. However, schools will operate in the same manner as were operated before the pandemic, and the students will get their lecture, homework, and eat their packed lunch boxes in break time. There will be no physical contact among pupils, and canteens would remain closed for pupils’ well-being. Every student will be checked for temperature regularly and trained for frequent hand-washing practices. 

Educational compensations:-

Although online classes were arranged for the students in order to minimize their educational losses, the virtual mode of the study did not prove so much effective in this case. Now teachers have to make extra efforts with individual students to prepare them for first term exams. Students should also concentrate more on their weak subjects like maths, science, etc.

Parents have to help them maintain a pressure-free environment for studies so that they are mentally relaxed while getting lectures in schools. Schools will adopt a soft policy for exams this year for students’ ease as they are coming to schools after a long gap. All the teachers are hopeful of preparing their students for final term exams deliberately in the provided time. We hope the reopening of schools goes excellent both for students and teachers. 


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