Surrogacy Mexico Agency: Everything You Need to Know about Surrogacy Clinic in Mexico

Until now, an American intended parent who wanted to go overseas for their surrogacy procedure only had to go a short distance – to Mexico, just south of the border. International intended parents might bring a kid into their family at a lower cost than if they stayed in the United States.

Surrogacy has had its ups and downs in Mexico since being put in law in one of its states in 1996. While much has changed due to the country’s ever-changing surrogacy rules, Mexico remains one of the most popular destinations for those seeking to fulfill their burning desire for parenthood.

The world-class surrogacy Mexico clinic World Center of Baby supplies renowned surrogate moms to high-class tailored IVF and gestational procedures four times cheaper than in the US and Canada. This country is a real go-to destination for most intended parents to get surrogacy Mexico from across the world.

What to Expect from Surrogacy Cost in Mexico

Surrogacy charges in Mexico may be rather pricey, especially for foreigners. The surrogacy procedure may need the shipment of biomaterial such as eggs and sperms and the transportation and lodging of Intended Parents, all of which add to the surrogacy costs. The World Center of Baby is honest and straightforward regarding the low surrogacy price. Furthermore, you’ll receive a complimentary consultation on all you need to know about surrogacy in Mexico.

While surrogacy expenses in Mexico vary from clinic to clinic, roughly 63,000 to 100,000 euros at the World Center of Baby is relatively affordable for IPs, as it’s cheaper than the typical surrogacy cost in Mexico. Other surrogacy organizations may charge extra for different phases of the surrogacy journey.

What to Look for in a Surrogate?

There are currently no restrictions on who can be a surrogate mother. However, the best surrogacy agency experts agree on crucial things when choosing one. You should look for the perfect surrogates who align to the following points:

  • Age of at least 21 years old.
  • Have given birth to at least one healthy child, so they are familiar with the physical hazards of pregnancy and delivery and the emotional challenges of bonding with a newborn.
  • Have had a psychiatric evaluation by a mental health specialist to see whether there are any concerns with giving up the baby after delivery.
  • Sign a contract outlining their role and obligations during the pregnancy, such as providing prenatal care and agreeing to deliver the baby to you after birth.



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