The Covid-19 Lifestyle with Stylish yet Protective Facemasks

An Era of Face Masks as a Protective Gear for a Day to Day Life

The Covid-19 Lifestyle with Stylish: Gone are the days when only the hospital, medical center staff, and people in airborne disease-prone areas used to wear face masks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has now reached the heights. There are numerous cases of positive patients. The death toll is also increasing every day.

Through this post, we do not intend to create panic among our readers. Rather, our objective is to make you aware of the spread of disease. This post will highlight the importance of wearing a face mask.

The Covid-19 Lifestyle with Stylish yet Protective Facemasks

Why is Wearing a Facemask Now Mandatory?

COVID Face Masks have now become a mandatory piece for preventing the spread of infection. When you are wearing a face mask, there are lower chances of getting infected due to the airborne or contagious infectious germs.

Besides curbing the chances of catching influenza or the common cold, these cotton face marks are protective enough for the elimination of cross-contamination.

The surge in the number of COVID-19 cases has now made it mandatory to wear the medicated cotton face mask that is effective in the prevention of the spread of the virus.

Key Features:

  • These masks have the capability of controlling the small droplets containing the virus.
  • The filtration material is an electrostatic non-woven polypropylene fiber that delivers to it the property of keeping the wearer safe in all circumstances.
  • These masks also have the optional exhalation valve for the reduction of exhalation resistance.

According to recent researches, there is evidence that the idea of wearing a mask has reduced the overall chances of the spread of the virus to a great extent.

Purpose the Medical Cotton Masks Serve

Cotton Face Masks are flat or pleated and also come with the affixed straps. There’s a reduced chance of respiratory diseases, including 2019 till now. Common cotton face masks have filtration efficiencies of aerosol sizes like ∼10 nm to ∼10 μm. Again, there are hybrid cotton masks that can withstand aerosol sizes ∼10 nm- 6 μm. Combined with hand hygiene as well as IPC measures, there’s the attainment of the objective of prevention of human-to-human transmission.

Fashion Future for Masks

These days the face coverings are becoming mandatory for people of all ages except the children younger than 2 years. To combat the corona pandemic while staying fashionable, the fashion-savvy populations are now encouraging the use of innovative masks. Slowly, these masks are becoming an ongoing trend and marking the Fashion Future for Face Masks.

  • With the mandatory requirements of wearing a face mask, there is a raising need for making them fashionable. The designers are now creating the medicated face marks that will go with the matching outfits.
  • With the sudden growth of wearing face masks, most designers are now choosing to impart spectacular designs in the medicated face make. They are choosing thicker and tightly woven fabric as the basic material.
  • The unique designer pieces are most coveted. Both urban and rural area populations are looking for options to stay attractive while curbing the chances of the spread of the virus. Besides, some health-conscious people are also wearing masks to put an end to the sufferings from air pollution.
  • Some masks are also bearing the floral designs, polka prints, embroidered patterns, to stones for letting the wearer look stylish. The corona virus is now gradually taking its course into a more dreadful zone and so, the masks become the serendipitous accessory.
  • Instagram models to the general people are demanding the designer face masks to help stay both safe and stylish.
  • The designers from the reputed firms are working along with the medical teams to make the masks that are medicated, have good quality prints and embroidery.
  • It’s a well-known fact that the aim of these marks is not to highlight any fashion sense, yet the general population is demanding something that will make them look incredibly appealing.

Facemasks and Future

According to some people, wearing a mask is only a false impression of security. Social distancing is the ultimate tool for restricting the spread of the virus. But, in the near future, we will be seeing people wearing more face masks to limit the exposure to other people and droplets outside the home.

Wearing a mask will also reduce the psychological stress of getting infected. It will cover the mouth or nose up to the optimum level. Gratitude to our designers who are making these face masks with good quality fabric before designing them into the Exotic printed versions.

We are going to witness a future when we have to wear a mask every day in our day to day life. It will become a protective and fashion statement. Even while stepping outside the home or working at the office, we have to wear this mask to ensure a healthy environment.

Putting an end to the virus spread is not an easy way out. So, the ultimate solution is maintaining social distancing and maximizing the adoption of protective strategies.


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