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I Tried This SKIMS Bodysuit Dupe and Now I’m Obsessed – My Honest Review

We’ve all heard of the TikTok-famous shapewear, and it introduced me to this perfect (& affordable!) dupe.

  • I tried this LUXMERY bodysuit, and the quality & compression impressed me.
  • After seeing the results, I may have to add more pieces like this into my daily rotation!

For those who are constantly scrolling on Fashion-Tok, you’ve seen the jaw-dropping results of the viral SKIMS bodysuit. I mean, cutting inches off your waist in an instant, without enduring uncomfortable levels of compression? Sign me up! At $62, however, the SKIMS bodysuits are not in everyone’s price range.

I found this affordable dupe instead!

Priced at $25 ($20 each for a set of three), this LUXMERY sculpting bodysuit was a steal compared to the SKIMS shapewear. They come in beige and black, great for wearing beneath most daily wear. I wore a black bodysuit and loved how it blended in with my normal wear, functioning like a black cami tank top.

Still, holding this dupe in my hands, I felt a similar sentiment to many others who beheld similar shapewear. This thing was tiny. I could feel the fabric’s stretch, but still worried about the compression being uncomfortable, a worry that faded when I put it on. The fabric was comfortable, slipping on my sensitive skin with no issue. The compressed areas felt like a secure hug, and they didn’t make my skin itch or get irritated with the ribbed texture.

Can you wear it all day?

Yes! I spent several days wearing this bodysuit with a variety of outfits to get a better feel of it. Shapewear was new to me. I had to get used to it. The only troublesome part was the bra-clasp-like crotch fastener. This was tricky to close and I could feel it during my first wear, but by the second wear, I completely forgot about it. My baseline of comfort for any other shapewear will be the LUXMERY bodysuit.

You can put the bodysuit on over your shoulder or hips, depending on your mobility and body shape. I preferred slipping it on hips-first, but either way is easy to do. The suit is also quite durable, having gone through multiple washes and losing no elasticity.

In terms of support, I love that the bodysuit stretched around my rump without constricting it. It held my stomach tight, with a small bit of constriction beneath the bust to support the girls. As a person of small bust, I noticed it supported them similar to that of a thin bralette. I wore a bra under the bodysuit when wearing it as a top, but it can be your all-in-one undergarment. When sitting, the bodysuit bunches up at your hips. Just pulling the bodysuit smooth once you stand easily fixed this.

All in all, I highly recommend this affordable shaping bodysuit if you’re looking for a more affordable version of the SKIMS shapewear. If you want to save money, but still get a quality product, the LUXMERY bodysuit has you covered!


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