The opportunity to go wild camping

Imagine driving down the road with your family and friends, the cityscape slowly fading away in the background, as trees and mountains and nature slowly surround you. No more car horns or loud noises, just peace and quiet, no more air pollution, just fresh clean air. Just thinking about it can get you excited, add to that the adventure that comes by exploring forests and mountains and camping in the woods, it makes up one hell of a vacation. Here are all the reasons why you should go wild camping at least once in your life.

Camping improves physical and psychological well-being

According to some studies, camping improves our sleep as well as our circadian rhythm (that is to say our internal clock) – subject to being equipped with the right equipment, of course, namely, in the first place, a tent. good quality weather resistant. Nothing like a trip in the middle of nature to let you let go of technology. This is one of the reasons I love camping so much. Spending time away from screens and disconnecting from electronic gadgets of all kinds allows you to break away from these artificial dopamine shoots.

In addition, camping is often accompanied by sports activities such as hiking, swimming or fishing., which allows you to enjoy 100% of the outdoors, accelerate your heart rate and, if the sun is out, fill up with vitamin D. According to a public health study conducted in 2017, sylvia therapy (these “forest baths” which consist in recharging your batteries and meditating among the trees) would have therapeutic effects on the immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This method of relaxation would also have benefits on anxiety and mood disorders, and would increase the feeling of wonder.

It’s a sustainable way of travel

In last year, many of us have been forced to slow down the mad rush of our daily lives and become aware of the repercussions of our lifestyles both for those around us and for the planet. However, spending time outdoors, observing the both raw and fragile state of nature allows us to appreciate even more our environment as well as the consequences of our actions on a global scale. Wild camping therefore has the effect of encouraging its followers to leave as few traces as possible of their passage, and thus to protect flora and fauna.

I have to admit that I am one of those categories of people who willingly plan foreign trips before even exploring the possibilities of vacation in their own country. However, camping has the incredible advantage of reducing both our expenses and our environmental footprint! So, before we jump on a plane, boat or bus, maybe we should start by asking ourselves if our getaway needs could not be met just an hour or two away from home 

Camping close to home helps avoid getting stuck with potential travel restrictions  

One thing is certain: no one knows what the world will look like after the pandemic. These uncertainties particularly concern travel, moreover abroad, with each country trying to stem the spread of covid-19 within its own borders. Considering a local vacation this summer will therefore save you from having to deal with possible new travel restrictions, and thus the immense stress that these can cause for the travellers concerned.

Camping allows you to forge new links with loved ones

They say you don’t really know people until you’ve lived with them. Camping with your loved ones will allow you to discover certain aspects of their personality that you may not yet know. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends without time pressure or unnecessary distractions, to bond stronger and to get to know the people around you better. Living authentic moments with them in a natural setting dotted with stars and bordered by the ocean, forests or mountains will create unforgettable memories. To sum up, going wild camping is marvelling, refocusing on the essentials and discovering unparalleled forms of freedom. Impossible not to like it!

You never know what secrets nature holds

Who among us doesn’t like folklore? The possibility of things being out there and the phenomenon that one can’t explain is always exciting. Now most people may dismiss folklores as simple stories, but wouldn’t you want to find the truth for yourself. If the answer is yes then exploring nature is one of the best ways to do so. People often see stairs in the woods leading up to the sky, whether it is the mind playing tricks on them or is it for real, wouldn’t you want to find out for yourself? If you take your imagination a step further, wouldn’t you want to be the first to discover a real bigfoot or even loch ness monster? Well to do either you need to go out and explore nature.

Learn more about these stairs here:


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