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The 2020 global pandemic has taken a toll on the normal lifestyle of human beings. With countries imposing strict laws of absolute lockdown and social distancing, the everyday schedule of every individual has been disrupted. Markets are not seeing the regular hustle-bustle of the crowd, beaches are empty, tourist spots are now being visited by birds and animals, and the earlier busy roads are now empty. The Covid-19 effects are unfathomable, something beyond th

e imagination of humans. Never had we thought that a mere viral disease can cause humans to go into the so-called hibernation.

People are rendered with no jobs, no daily ration to feed the hungry stomachs and in underprivileged countries, people are not even getting proper medical facilities. Since the topic of coronavirus impact on lifestyle has become the most discussed fact, today we will be shedding some light over the lifestyle during this Covid-19 pandemic and what could be the lifestyle once the waves of pandemics are over.


A sudden change has been brought into the lifestyles of various countries. People are still learning to cope up with new laws and restrictions. There is a mix of fear and uncertainty lingering in the air. Nobody knows what is stored in the future. It seems as if the future has just become more uncertain than it was ever. So, keeping everything aside, let’s discuss the lifestyle changes during Covid-19.

  1.     No more parties or social gatherings: Governments of many countries have decided that to minimize the spread of coronavirus, restrictions must be put on social gatherings like conferences, public speaking, parties, and so on.
  2.     No strolling around on roads without a purpose: countries like Italy, Britain, Australia, France, and even India have started curfew. This has put limitations on the civilians and hence, they won’t be able to get out of their homes any time during the entire day. Parks, lanes, and cycling routes are now barren because people are under home lockdown.
  3.     Increased number of joblessness: laborers, daily wagers, restaurants, and many other small businesses are rendered jobless. First world countries like the USA, Britain, France, and so on are now seeing the ultimate rise in the jobless ratio. Even in India, the lower class people are without work.
  4.     The increased price of necessities: since vehicles are not allowed to be seen on roads, the vendor cars and trucks have to pay a lot of tax for transporting the necessities from one place to the other. As a result, you will see that there is a sharp increase in the price of all things, be it groceries, fruits, and vegetables, or even toilet papers.
  5.     Supermarkets have empty racks: in a haste, people have bought dozens of regular necessities like bread, cereals, toilet paper, handwashes, sanitizers, and so on. This has taken a toll on the supermarkets since they are running out of most of the things.
  6.     Top MNCs are cutting down salaries to meet the ends: the IT sector is still providing jobs to their employees. But this comes at a price since the salaries are being cut down to meet the ends. Work from home is not simple and companies are working hard to provide the employees with the necessary amenities like computers, internet connections, and so on.


There will be innumerable post-COVID-19 challenges and truth be told, not a single person is aware of the future scenario. Even the world’s top diplomats are running out of assumptions and ideas regarding the lifestyle once this pandemic will be cleared off. But yes, certain things can be expected from the global population once the pandemic is over. 

  1.     The healthcare system will be revolutionized and will be made stronger and more enduring so that if such pandemic breaks once again, the world will be prepared to fight it off.
  2.     The number of homeless people will increase and there will be a rise in the demand for shelters.
  3.     People will still live in fear of the disease and the practice of social distancing is expected.
  4.     Governments all around the world will form new laws and policies to support the economy which currently is dwindling by a thread.
  5.     Work after Covid-19 will be more difficult since a lot has been sacrificed because of the lockdown.
  6.     Medical professionals will be put under test for their capabilities and knowledge.
  7.     The world will consider the policies regarding environmental protections and conservations.
  8.     Consumption of wild animals will be strictly avoided in most countries, especially in China.

The entire world has suffered a huge blow in terms of economy, diplomacy, health system, and in many other sectors. One can never imagine what could be the post-COVID-19 challenges and how the world will cope with them. There is a huge level of uncertainty that won’t be going away anytime sooner. 

Yes, with conglomerated efforts at both civilian and government level, life will come on track once again. But, no one can provide a time plan for the same. As for now, staying indoors and being healthy are the primary concerns of everyone all around the world. 

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