The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kids an English Tutor

When many people think of hiring an English tutor for kids, they assume that it’s their second language, which isn’t always the case.

There are multiple reasons why a child may need English lessons, even if it’s their first language. Perhaps the most notable of these is the importance of the language itself.

It’s used worldwide, with more and more people learning it every day. Approximately a quarter of people worldwide speak English, working out to between one billion and 1.6 billion people.

You might think that having an English class in school would be enough for your child. While that’s typically true, it sometimes isn’t the case. Some children need additional help, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The trick is to know when your child needs that extra help. With how important the language is, it’s recommended that you hire an English tutor for kids falling behind.

There are more than a few reasons why you should want to do so.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get an English Tutor For Kids

1. Make English Fun

Quite a few people have fallen in love with the English language. With how fascinating it is, it’s easy to see why. Many children don’t feel that way, however.

Much of that could be because of how it’s taught in many schools. With a tutor, the subject could become more fun.

That added fun could make your child more interested in the subject, encouraging further learning.

2. Save Any Embarrassment

Many people assume that children above a certain age will be well-versed in reading and writing. It’s important to remember that developmental guidelines are not exact, so they should only be used as a guide. All children develop at different rates, and their oral language, reading and writing skills do not necessarily develop simultaneously. If your child falls behind, then they could feel embarrassed about it. 

That’s quite understandable. With a tutor, you’ll help your child get back on track with their English skills, and that’ll prevent any embarrassment your child could feel about their English.

Since a tutor will deliver tutoring sessions one-on-one, your child wouldn’t need to worry about being embarrassed.

3. Develop Key Skills

As mentioned above, English is an important language worldwide, and it’s vital for communication and multiple other things.

You’ll need to make sure that your child starts developing these early as possible. While school helps with this, that can be a slow approach, especially if your child has difficulties.

With a tutor, you can help your child craft and refine these skills more effectively.

4. Improved Concentration

Many parents fail to realise how distracting a classroom can be, though they’re not supposed to be. Your child could find it difficult to concentrate during a lesson.

That wouldn’t be a problem with a tutor. Since there’s a one-on-one approach, a tutor can ensure that your child is paying attention and learning.

The lessons should be more beneficial because of this.

5. Detailed Feedback

Many teachers often don’t have time to give detailed feedback when they provide feedback. Given the number of students they may teach, that’s understandable.

That could be a negative thing for your child, however. A tutor can provide much more detailed – and personal – feedback based on your child’s performance.

That will help them improve their skills much better.

6. Goal-Oriented Instruction

What are your child’s goals with their English lessons? These could be:

  • Being able to pass a particular exam.
  • Improve their overall English.
  • Get better at a specific area of English.
  • Improving grades.

An English tutor for kids will adapt their lessons based on your child’s goals. By working with your tutor, you can make sure this happens.

7. A More Focused Approach

Your child will have specific needs and aptitudes when they’re learning. If they’re struggling with English, particular things could hold them back.

A tutor can focus on these areas to offer a more effective lesson. While they’ll still help with other areas, the focused nature of their lessons will help your child much more.

8. Flexibility

Many schools teach children so that they can pass a specific exam. That leads to an inflexible approach, regardless of your child’s interests or skills.

A tutor, however, is much more flexible in how they teach. They can adapt their lessons for your child’s needs, and even scheduling their lessons is more flexible.

That can make it much easier for your child to learn.

9. Regular Practice and Discipline

While your child will have English classes in school, these can be spread out and somewhat irregular. With a tutor, however, the opposite is true.

It can be as regular as you and your child want. If that’s once a week, then book them for once a week. Alternatively, you could have lessons more often if needed.

With the flexibility mentioned above, that shouldn’t be a problem.

10. You Have More Of a Say

It’s not uncommon for a parent to feel left out of their child’s education, and it can seem like it takes place exclusively between your child and the school.

With a tutor, you’ll have much more of a say. You can interview potential tutors before hiring them. Alongside that is the ability to get a new one should the person you hire not work out.

Why You Should Get an English Tutor For Kids: Wrapping Up

No parent wants their children to fall behind in anything, and few think that their child could fall behind in English, however.

It’s more of a complicated language than many people think. That’s especially true in the later years of school when your child needs to learn about clauses, subclauses, and more.

That can often be overwhelming for them, especially when they have other subjects. It’s more than worth hiring an English tutor when they fall behind.

Being able to help them get back on track could be more than enough of a reason for you to do so. All of the benefits above are icing on the cake.



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