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Things Parents Can Do To Encourage Children

Sometimes, while raising children, parents need to take care of the fact that the best words you say to encourage children to keep their confidence high.

Encourage Your Kid To Do Better In Life

Point out the silver linings. Regardless of how bad something may seem, you will spot a good aspect or “silver lining.” Make sure that you figure out what it is making your child feel down and validate their feelings. Digging into the negativity a bit is essential, and sometimes it is also good to refrain from sayings.

For instance, “That’s ok” or “It’s ok,” especially when you don’t want your child to feel like their thoughts and feelings aren’t being taken care of. There’s a huge role in a pattern of validating feelings, offering positive affirmations, and also taking into consideration an activity to boost your child’s excitement.

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Encourage Your Child To Try Again Unless They Get The Desired Point

In case you’re finding your child struggling with an assignment, say something like, ‘You might be feeling you’re not good at this yet, but with practice, you will do better”. Recognize your child’s abilities and point out the efforts that your child is putting into doing something better regardless of their result.  

Reward your child for the small achievements. Also, as a parent, it’s worth noting that sometimes kids need a little extra push. Often, it is found that some children are task-dependent for task completion; at those times, as a parent, you should play the role of helping them and gradually decrease the treats to get more correct answers.

Encourage Your Child To Be Brave

encourage children

Show them bravery that will eventually teach them to become brave. Do not stop them from witnessing you stepping outside of your comfort zone, and that’s how they are going to learn eventually. With that, it will become easier for the child to be involved in more activities, like learning how to ride a bike.

So with that, you will make your children better trained to have the opportunity to try new things when they get surrounded by family and choose to lean on parents and siblings for extra help. 

The active role you can play in boosting bravery in your child includes showing them the strength you possess to step out of your comfort zone. With that, it will be easier for you to build a sense of togetherness.

Encouraging Your Child To Work Through Frustrations

Encourage Children

It often happens that Children get frustrated when they want to be able to do something on their own. Also, they don’t like being denied things they want. In this regard, it can be said that Parents and children alike often end up struggling.

Parents at such a point should choose to be a little more patient and forgiving towards their children. Children exhibit some behavioral outbursts during this time that make them look quite sensitive or babyish. So, as a parent, your role is to find the proper time to connect with your child. 

Make sure that you carefully listen to his frustrations and concerns and understand why he or she has been feeling like that. Often, it is good to utter words offering comfort to the child, like “I can see you’ve been feeling upset lately” or “You look really annoyed. Is something wrong? If yes, you can share”.

Why it’s essential to say these words is that it shows that you acknowledge their disposition, helping you get to the core of what’s bugging them.

Phrases To Say To Children

encourage children

1) “We believe in you and you will do better.”

2) “We are proud of you and we are there for you.”

3) “Yes, this is possible. You can do it. You will.”

4) “Think before you speak and act.”

5) “We are listening.”

7) “You can make mistakes. We are humans. All of us make mistakes.”

8) “There’s nothing wrong with backing down sometimes.”

9) “How Does That Make You Feel?”

10) “Wow. That’s great! You deserve all the appreciation.”

Final Words

Giving children a few encouraging words aids their mental growth and boosts their moral strength. Why it’s a good idea to utter these positive phrases often is that they make the kids feel better about themselves while making them feel more self-assured.

Eventually, they choose to develop self-confidence. A joyful, encouraging home environment where there is immense positivity to teach kids to be loving, motivating, and empathic.

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