Things to know about water parks before building one yourself

Water parks are probably the best places friends and families want to go during the summer. However, there are many things about a water park that a lot of people do not know.

Moreover, if you are going to a water park with a toddler, you must know a few things about it.

Here are three things you need to know about water parks:

#1 Look at the rules

Many people do not know, but waterslide is one of the primary reasons that cause an accident at water parks. Hence, you need to follow the ride direction. There might be rules like “feet first” do as it says cause there is a reason for those simple rules.

According to 2015 data, more than 4000 people went to the hospital for injuries from a water park. Most of the common injuries were broken bones, spinal injuries, cuts, concussions, and scrapes.

Moreover, look at the weight and size restrictions at different rides at water parks. Often, if the rider is tiny, they might be thrown off the slides. Also, if a rider exceeds the maximum weight might get stuck at the chutes or, due to the speed, exit the slides too fast.

Furthermore, many rides also have a limited number of riders every ride. If it says four riders per ride, then do not pile a lot of people in a single ride. Also, make sure that your kids or teenagers understand this rule.

#2 Can you swim well

It is essential to know at least a little bit of swimming if you go to a water park. There are a lot of cases of nonfatal and fatal drowning that happen every year.

Now you might be wondering which rides or features have the most considerable drowning rate.

They are extremely dangerous for weak swimmers as well as toddlers. Also, it gets chaotic with so many people bobbing in the pool.

Moreover, since it is a wave pool, it is challenging to know if a swimmer is in trouble or just enjoying the pool. Parents should keep a close watch on their kids. Also, if you are going with your friends and someone is a weak swimmer, keep them within your arm’s reach.

It is best for kids and weak swimmers to wear a life jacket to avoid accidents.

#3 You should know what is in the pool

According to recent data, in a year, more than 50% of public pools have tested positive for E. coli which is a maker of fecal contamination.

Moreover, Cryptosporidium also has a high tolerance to chlorine which means this parasite survives for a long time in the swimming pool.

Both Crypto and E. coli can sometimes make the riders extremely ill, and the person might need to be hospitalized.

Things to do to prevent water-borne diseases:

  • Teach your kids never to drink the water
  • Avoid sitting on the water jets for too long
  • If someone is ill, mainly with a stomach-related disease, do not go to the pool
  • Shower before you go to the swimming pool and also shower again after you finish with your swimming.

These are some essential things to note when planning to go to a waterslide or start a waterslide business!


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