Tiktok projection of Shopping season 2022

In June 2021, in the situation of US market appear more and more huge shopping seasons, tiktok project entertainment and shopping will be the trend in 2022.

In the general report, combination of essential factors affecting shopping behavior in the shopping season. Tiktok also emphasize short videos will be the good tool to help business find and interact with customers in US. Mega Sales is a good opportunity. The data and projection of market trends in the research of tiktok and partners will help business plan their marketing strategy and increase revenue, stimulate shopping demand of users and make the brand impact in the upcoming shopping sales.

Short video help speeding up buying process

The the rapid growth of platforms like tiktok, short videos is becoming the outstanding communication channel to build loyalty, trust and impact on user shopping behaviors. In the research of McKinsey, 77% of users like to watch ads with the format of video than motion graphic or text. By digital transformation process, and consumers preference, short videos is the format the many brands pick to approach and attract customers.

Customer is willing to know new brands and make their shopping decision unexpectedly

Shopping behavior of users have clear change. They buy online more because of convenience and diversity of selections. Small brands should take advantage of the big shopping days to push marketing, these are time users are willing to experience new brands and products. Base on the research in 2021 of tiktok done in Feb 2020 with more than 2300 user in North America, 76% claimed they bought products from the brands they rarely buy without big shopping days. 

More surpisingly, 62% of users made their buying decision while scrolling the social network with no plan before. Tiktok data show that in the sales day, users buy more in every categories of goods. This is the proof that shopping days are good chance for business to approach new customers, especially when 74% of users feel exciting when buying these days.

Shopping + entertainment: user expect more in intesesting shopping experience.

Besides rapid transformation to ecommerce, this shopping combined with entertainment trend is notice to have remarkable growth. With the affect of pandemic, users don’t commute much and delay their plans. Therefore, for man people, shopping online is a new entertainment at home. In a research of tiktok, one third of people said that they feel good when shopping online. 

Tiktok is the platform for good experience

Tiktok create the shopping experience that is creative and interesting, then help business connect with users. With many functions and short videos, business can access and affect the shopping decision of users. In a scientific research conducted in the worldwide scale by McKinsey in March 2020, 88% of user feel tiktok content is unique, special and fun compared to other platforms like Facebook, youtube…

Besides, tiktok is rapidly become the discovery tool of users. Content on this platform stimulate them to discover brands and products in a natural way, and even urge them to make unplanned purchase decisions. More than half of tiktok users admit that they know new products or brands when using tiktok and 87% bought right on the videos when they see it on tiktok. This is also the highest number among current social networks. Besides, hashtag challenge tiktok made me buy it, where users share their products after discovering on tiktok videos also receive more than 3 billitons views.

Buy tiktok account is therefore a new rising trends among SMEs to pursue this social network.

Tiktok community is now still growing fast, they have tendance to spend more time on the platform and feel excited with the content and creative marketing ideas in the sales season. This made tiktok to be a place for business to meet up with customers. Tiktok offers a chance for business to create with community, help them create their own moments in the sales season and achieve business goals.

On tiktok, each user can also create with the brands, create interesting stories and ignite new shopping trends. When users are happy, they can make buying decision with no plan before. To consumers, this trend is not supplying them with info, but also exciting when buying. To business, this trend brings chance to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty.


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