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Tips for parents to raise a gadget free child

Tips for parents: This 21st century is known to be the era of gadgets and technology. The pace at which these gadgets are evolving guarantees a completely changed scenario by the next fifty to seventy years. But that’s the headache of the scientists and the engineers. Being a parent, your headache and probably the main concern is to raise your child without taking the help of any gadget, be it a laptop, a smartphone, or a mere calculator.

But how?

Most of the parents often ask this question about how they can make their kids gadget-free and involve them in real-time events. It’s not an easy task for parents to raise their children without taking help from any gadget, but it’s impossible too. When it comes to parenting, everything should be natural and not forced or done out of compulsion.

That’s why we have explained a few basic steps which you can incorporate in your daily parenting tips to bring big changes in your kid’s behavior, and prevent him/her from becoming dependent on the gadgets.

Setting limits in using the gadgets

Applicable for: all age group, from two to ten-year-old kids

This is the first thing that a parent should do in order to initiate a gadget-free upbringing. Leaving your kids with the TV or a smartphone isn’t a smart idea. Allowing your kids to play video games or computer games isn’t a way to keep them engaged.

So, rather than making the access infinite, limit both the time and the use of the gadgets. Set a schedule if you want your kid to use the phone or computer like one hour per weekend. Again, make sure you are allowing them to have access to the gadgets only after considering their age. Giving a smartphone to a four or five-year toddler isn’t a smart idea. That is the time when they should indulge in other activities and not on the phones.

Making them do creative things

Applicable for: all age group, especially the toddlers

Rather than keeping them engaged in videos on YouTube or movies on the laptop, it’s better to indulge them in creating activities like art, painting, gardening, and so on. The list is actually limitless if you are really thinking hard. So many games are there like mind games, quiz, hide and seek, catch the pillow, and so on that, you can play with your children. So, all you need to do is divert your own attention from the gadgets and focus more on doing things on your own.

Allowing them to spend time with you while you work

Applicable for: all age group, from two to ten-year-old kids

Often you think that your kid is fragile and might get hurt if you indulge them in the small household chores. However, the reality is just the opposite because kids are always eager to do things like you are doing. So, rather than giving them a phone when you are gardening the plants or cleaning the shelves, you can make them do small things with you.

It’s a guarantee that they will be way more eager. This way, not only you can create a diversion from the gadgets but also make the day more happening for both of you. So, the next time you will be washing the clothes or cutting the vegetables, give them some minor work which you think they can handle.

Playing with your kids in free time

Applicable for: all age group, from two to ten-year-old kids

Toddlers are the most active age group because once you will enroll your kid in a school; they will get involved with their studies and other school works. So, the time when they need your attention, don’t give them a substitute in the form of a gadget.

No matter how busy you are, always take out some time and play with your kids. Now, the game can be a simple board game or some physical exercise like ‘catch me if you can’.

Indulging kids in co-curricular activities

Applicable for: all age group, from two to ten-year-old kids

If you wish to keep your kids busy in something, then rather than choosing gadgets as the medium, choose some co-curricular activities like badminton, swimming, playing piano, dance, and even painting. This will make them creative and athletic, along with keeping their mind away from the games on the smartphones or the movies on the laptop.

Making your kids learn skills through real-time activities

Applicable for: mainly for toddlers and preschool goers

Sometimes you use your phones to teach your kids about the nursery poems, how to do simple additions or the history of your country. Actually, it not sometimes, its too often.

But as a parent, it’s your duty to enhance their skills using real-time activities like crafting the letters out of paper and then helping them to identify then. You can also choose to recite the nursery poems to enhance both the listening and speaking skills. Make them say things out loud to clear their pronunciations and to improve their communication.

Not giving direct access to gadgets for studies

Applicable for: from six to ten-year-old kids

Kids always look for gadgets to complete their studies like gathering data from the internet to complete their projects or using the calculator to do the calculations. After a certain age, letting them do such things is fine. But when they are at a tender age and need to learn to do things within restrictions and on their own, there is no need to give them direct access to the gadgets.


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