Tips to Create the Finest Quality Essay in High School

Tips & Tricks to Write a High School Essay?

Almost all high schoolers dream about getting into a good college or university. Of course, it is not an easy task because they need to have a positive and pretty high academic rating. It depends on the many kinds of tasks students receive. One of them is to write all types of essays. It is a very complicated kind of academic activity for many youngsters. They get confused by various demands and purposes because every essay is specific in its own fashion. They want to know how to write a high school essay.

Not all folks know how to write an essay. Many of them make too many mistakes and some write unreadable texts. To avoid their issues, young and inventive people look for special writing services that help to cope with any piece of writing fast and excellently. It is a very effective solution but is it temporary? You cannot count on professionals every time you face a learning issue. This informative guide teaches how to write a perfect high school essay. Read on to learn our smart writing tips.

Consult Your Advisor

First of all, you are supposed to clarify all the details about your essay type. They all are different and so have different purposes. Students frequently mess up the demands and so cover essays inappropriately. It leads to a loss of many grades (if not all). That is why you’d better consult your academic advisor to clarify all the peculiarities. Besides, it is a good way to get a few prompts on the selection of the topic, writing, and revising.

Select a Relevant Topic

When it comes to the selection of the topic, you ought to be careful. It is supposed to be informative and interesting to your readers. The main quality of a good topic is its relevance. Be sure it is currently trendy and thus vital for your potential audience. If you do not choose the right point to disclose, you fail right at the start.

Create a Good Hook

Essay writers use one useful term about writing, which is called a “hook”. No matter what composition you are to write, it appears in the introduction, the first paragraph of the entire project. Its purpose is to kindle a desire to read your paper. It may be even a single sentence. This very sentence is supposed to introduce something unique and uncommon. For example, it may be:

  • Rhetoric question;
  • Citation;
  • Shocking statement;
  • Anecdote, etc.

Once your readers notice something original, they get “triggered” and are willing to read on. The end of your introduction is a thesis statement. It is even more significant than the initial hook. Yet, some also referred to it as a hook of a stronger meaning. It clarifies the main purpose of the entire project and so it must be straightforward and provide relevant information.

Develop Your Idea in the Main Body

The second writing stage of a high school essay is the main body. Its main purpose is the development of the story you share. Firstly, develop the thesis statement. Secondly, develop all sub-theses.

A standard essay has 500 words. It is divided into several paragraphs in the main body. You should never cram all the theses into a single paragraph. Be sure to cover one point at a time. For example, your first paragraph dwells upon the reasons you have initiated this research. The second paragraph may cover its main pros. The next section has its main cons. The fourth may focus on the possible solutions or value of the studied topic to society.

Write a Clear Conclusion

The last chapter of the writing stage is the conclusion. It writes a short resume of the entire essay. Its length is 3-5 sentences. Here are a few vital tips for this part of essay writing:

  • Be straight to the point;
  • Restate your thesis statement;
  • Sum up the outcomes;
  • Interpret the outcomes in your own words.

Revise It Properly

We know that most high schoolers hate revising their essays. Nonetheless, this stage is crucial because it helps to detect all mistakes and pitfalls of their essays. When you revise your essays, be sure to check:

  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Punctuation;
  • Readability;
  • Citations;
  • Style and tone;
  • Word choice;
  • Word count, etc.

Reread your essay at least two times. It increases your chances to spot all the downsides and thus correct them. Apply various reading methods to increase your chances. Of course, at least one grammar checker will become a great assistant for you.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated about writing high school essays. You only need to clearly understand the specific purpose of your essay type and follow the tips given in our informative guide. They are universal and suit any English essay you are assigned. Thus, you will get the desired A+ grade. Don’t even doubt that!



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