Tips to improve creative thinking for email marketers


As an email marketer, it is imperative that you are always ready with that fresh and engaging piece of email content to help your brand nurture, retain and convert the prospects.

Now the question is, do creative ideas always keep flowing through?

Definitely not!

It is obvious that eventually, you run out of creative ideas to curate the next email content.

Everyone does.

This hurdle could be overcome by improving your creative thinking. Yes, you need to tap into your creative thinking abilities to ensure that you are always able to bring the best content for your email marketing campaigns.

Are there any ways to do so?

Well, there are numerous ways to boost creativity and most of these are everyday activities and part of human habits.

So, you can effortlessly put them into practice.

Now, why is it important to work on this? If you had noticed, not every email campaign gives a successful result, sometimes the reason could be that the email list is not built properly, in that case, you need to know how to find an email address effectively.

The other reason could be that the content did not resonate with the objective or the readers.

Here is a tip for the former reason;

Pro tip – How to find an email address?

You do not have to worry if you did not know how to find an email address as there is a simple approach that can get you anyone’s email address within a few seconds.

Using an email lookup tool such as is a highly recommended method. These are advanced tools that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to locate the correct email address format of a professional.

Was that insightful?

As you read ahead, we will discuss more about improving creative thinking abilities.

Make a note of all your ideas

You can never be certain about when exactly you get a creative idea for your email campaigns, hence it is crucial to note them down whenever an idea strike.

When you have all your ideas penned down, you can come back to them later when you need them.

Isn’t it a better thing to do instead of having them forgotten and start with a blank page?

Follow a dynamic routine

The very first thing to do about your routine is to analyze it; see if it is static or dynamic.

Do you feel that your everyday is the same as the previous day? There is nothing new, and you have been doing the same for years.

Well, that could have an impact on your creativity.

Having a dynamic routine acts as a stimulus for your creative juices and makes your brain acclimated to finding alternative solutions.

So, what can you do about your boring daily routine?

It could be as small as brushing your teeth or combing your hair with the opposite hand (opposite to the one you extensively use) or as big as travelling to unfamiliar places or hanging out with diverse types of people.

Let the bad idea flow in

One of the common traits that everyone possesses irrespective of the domain is the fear of failure, and thus they do not encourage bad ideas to take a form.

However, if you wish to be creative, you need to respect all your ideas, see the results that each of your ideas yield, after all with bad ideas or let us say the ideas you are not confident enough, you will get a clarity on what the good ones are.

Therefore, it is essential that you give all your ideas the physical form so you can understand what works and what does not.

Be open to receive criticism of all kinds

In the creative field of work, criticism has its place and purpose. When you learn to respect all kinds of critiques, it will help you become a better thinker.

You need to ensure that you are not asking feedback just from people who have similar opinions to you, this will discount some great ideas that others with different opinions may have loved.

By running A/B tests you can identify the email content that is working well with your audience.

It’s Ok to steal ideas from others

You do not have to start with a blank screen or paper to come up with ideas. Sometimes, you may even end up with the same blank screen even after you try desperately to come up with great email content.

Remember that many fantastic creations came from people getting inspiration from other industries. You can also look out for other individuals’ work, and then add your own spin to it.

This will help you in producing creative ideas.

Concluding thoughts

Now that you know these tips, incorporate them into your day-to-day routine to develop your creative thinking abilities and curate email content that is fresh.

Later, you can let us know what worked well for you, and how has your content curating journey evolved after applying these techniques.

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