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Top 10 Parenting tips for handling highly introvert child

Top 10 Parenting tips: Listening and understanding your children’s mindset is highly essential in parenting to help them in any problem or to surpass any obstacle. This is possible only when your child is capable of expressing his/her feelings clear to you. If you want your child to share every experience and also the problems he/she is facing in education or in business then you should be a good companion. They should feel that they are backed up by their parents and can get support to solve any problems in their lives.

  1. Praise your child: – The best way to make an introvert child express their emotions and feelings to you is to make them feel comfortable and confident in their place. There will definitely be some aspects in which your child is good at and founds that very interesting. No matter whether that is drawing or playing or anything else, just boost their confidence in those perfect deeds so that they can feel confident. Make your child feel special to you and be the best companion to understand their mindset in a proper way.
  2. Make them realize that you are proud of them: – Introverted children who keep everything in mind and never speak out definitely wants their parent to be proud and happy because of them. If your child fails in reaching your expectation in studies then boost them by saying that you are proud of them for their efforts in it. Taking actions is definitely worthy but never relate the actions to the past results which make them feel guilty. Whenever they feel that you are happy with their efforts they are putting on their studies, they will surely get closer to you and speak out their mind.
  3. Never put any label on their qualities: – Criticizing children also plays a major role in turning children into an introvert. If your child is short or shy or weak then never let them hear that you are calling them with their quality. This depresses them and they feel abandoned from their own home. It is also the first and foremost reason for a child to be an introvert as a lack of belief on parents stops them from sharing their feelings. In spite of learning to control their emotions, they also feel discouraged to express their emotions to parents
  4. Don’t let them imitate your qualities: – The topmost parenting tip for any parents in the world is to control their emotions and feelings. If you are an introvert in your past then never let them know that you were having the same problem. There might be a situation where you get to a position to explain about your past but improvising and reframing the past is the better way to go through the situation. If children get to know about your younger age and the difficulties then they will think of getting away with those problems in the future easily and thus continues to be an introvert
  5. Cultivate braveness in your child: – The main reason for being a shy person is that they are afraid of the outcomes of their expression of their feelings. Such children focus on the reaction of others and get depressed by every negative comment or criticizing of others. This creates a complete negative mindset and leads to depression which is dangerous in younger age. Cultivating depression and negative mindset from childhood makes their mentality weaker and sensitive and can never be sportive in the future. Such children stay away from competition and mainly from sports which include criticizing or judging too. Most of such children also have stage fear their whole life. Thus make them brave and encourage them from childhood to meet with different people of different types. Social relations are the best way to get away from the introvertness as friends and relatives can influence their mind to a great extent.
  6. Develop passions: – Maximum of the introvert personalities has a good capacity to develop their passion. Being a parent, you should boost their confidence to put on more efforts on their work to see some progress frequently. If such children get engaged in an activity then they feel free to express their emotions in society because they will already have a thought that they are in good progress in their work they are doing. Most shy children get open only when they are praised by people around them and also their parents. However, while they are working on their passion it is most important to stand by them as they don’t even share their problems that they are facing in their work
  7. Get closer to their thoughts and mindset: – If you want your children to share every experience of them with you then you should be friendly to them. Any person, no matter what ages they are in, friends are the only people with whom they can share any feelings easily as the opposite person is also having the same qualities that make them feel comfortable. Play games and involve in some curricular activities with your child to make them feel free with you. This aspect is a definite in any list of parenting tips as it is the most effective way of raising children.
  8. Build up confidence and positivity: – Lack of confidence is the topmost reason for a child to be an introvert as they are afraid of the outcomes. A child without self-confidence is the weaker one among other children and this feeling of being weaker is also imprinted in their mindset. A child who feels weaker about themselves never makes progress in any deeds neither sports nor studies. Therefore, try to build up their confidence in encouraging them that they are best in their place and no one can replace them.
  9. Make your child feel important: – There are many children who feel that they are futile and have no work in this world. Such children neglect everything in their life and carelessness always stays forward in their behavior. Failures in the examination are the example of such persons as laziness and their behavior of neglecting everything has occupied their whole way of thinking. They can’t take any matter seriously with the efforts required for it which results in failure or back downs. Being a parent, you should make your child feel important and nourish their skills from inside to build a better future for them.
  10. Never disgrace your child: – There will be many cases when your child may commit mistake and people judge your parenting. In this scenario, you should never get to the same tone as the other people and start disgracing your child. There are ways to withhold such situations by diverting the topic or reframing the situation in front of your child that you have taken it lightly and still you have the same love for your child.


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