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Top 10 Parenting Tips for Indian Parents 2020

Top 10 Parenting Tips for Indian Parents: Being a parent is probably the most special moment in anyone’s life which comes with huge responsibility towards your child with tons of anxiety to take decisions according to the best interest of you and your child. To keep up with those responsibilities is probably the most difficult job which requires a lot of compromises from your dreams.  However, these are a few parenting tips that can help you in balancing your life with establishing a good life for yourself as well as nurturing your kid’s life with best and worthy decisions.

  1. Avoid imitation: – Children normally imitate everything their parents do and thus get habituated to it for the entire life. In this way, they not only copy the good things but also the bad things that parents are habituated of. The best way is to show them what they should do and what they should not and therefore be the person that you want your child should be. Show them good things that they should cultivate in the future such as positive attitude and punctuality which can be habituated by motivational speakers and spirituality. Meditation is also the best thing, the practice of which can change the entire way of living.
  2. Love and caring: – As a parent, you must have thought about showing enormous love to your child that you got from your parents or wanted to get that love from your parents. Just listening to them and spending some quality time with them is enough for showing your love and affection. Over caring or overprotection can be bad sometimes but genuine love never gives any bad outcomes for sure. Even some expressions of love and affection like hugs and kisses can help to maintain a good relationship with your child. Be sure to love them within limits, don’t leave being strict to the negative things or the things that they should not get habituated to.
  3. Balancing the emotions: – Never lose the balance of your emotion when you are with your child. Expressing anger upon any other person or saying bad words will affect their mind badly which will surely stay in their mind forever. The better way to get away from such things is to avoid such talks at home in the presence of your kids. Moreover being humorous or funny can help in getting closer to your children but negative things get imprinted in their minds more than anything else.
  4. Open line communication: – The best way to get closer to your child’s mindset is to listen to them with patience so that they can share everything that is running in their mind. Having a good and open-hearted interaction with your child will boost their confidence to share both good as well as bad things with you. Most children start telling lie only when they get afraid of the consequences after they say fact regarding anything bad that has happened. Never leave your child in a troubling experience no matter whatever the result may be.  Ask clarifying questions to let them free up their mind and say everything that has experienced.
  5. Never force your thoughts and intentions on them: – Let your children be free in their opinions and never force your thoughts on them. If you want to do anything for them, just try to show them the difference between the good and bad things and the consequences resulted from both of them respectively. No matter whether you are talking about studies or else life, never take decisions without talking to your children. They may not accept the things which are right for them sometimes but think twice before letting your decisions overwrite their intentions.
  6. Never spank: – Spanking children is now old and probably the worst way to control the children. Things never get right by forcing things in your child, they even get worse sometimes. Children are more likely to become bullies and aggressive if your spank or scold them without having any control over your emotions. A bad parent-child relationship also results in anti-social behavior and delinquency in the future that will pass on to their children too. So by hitting on your children, you are worsening the whole generation too.
  7. Give positive experiences: – There are many children out there who think of their parents as a nightmare whom they are afraid of their whole life.  Never frightened your child with a spanking, scolding or reacting ferociously to a mistake done. Just let the child understands the situation and moves on so that things get wrapped up at that moment itself. Give a positive experience to your child with you like playing with them or going for a long ride etc. This positivity will remain in their mind forever and will drive them in any kind of clumsy mode of their life.
  8. Never show partiality: – If you are having two or more children then treat all of them equally in all aspects. Being partial to a child leaves him/her in a negative state which will continue to cultivate in his mind throughout the child’s life. This negativity will reflect in many ways in the future by that child to an adverse state.
  9. Monitoring: – It is good to monitor the life of your child as there are many things that divert or manipulate their mind in a bad way. Excess use of the internet, excess gaming also comes to this category. Mainly in teenagers where both boys and girls get more distracted and confused, you should be a good companion to them to lead them in a good way.
  10. Don’t give up on your child:- The biggest wrong that parents do is to give up on their child by getting vexed with his/her behavior. Good parental support in this age can change the whole confused life to a stable and nourish their minds to become a good person in their life. Never lose your cool when you are with your children so that they can share every experience of their life and have clear cut ideas on every deed they perform.


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