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Top 5 Best Straw Hats for Women to Wear at the Beach

When you walk at a beach, you’ll notice a lot of people wearing sun hats and straw hats. Most women at the beach prefer straw hats to make them attractive. Additionally, the wide brim of the straw hats helps them to stay protected from the sun’s rays. When it comes to beach enjoyment, the importance of straw hats is the same as the swimsuits. 

Not only women, but men also started enjoying the benefits of straw hats since their introduction in the 15th Century. But, do you know the benefits of straw hats at the beach?

Why Do You Need to Wear a Straw Hat at the Beach?

Scientists revealed that wearing hats in the sun comes with multiple benefits. A wide-brimmed straw hat will protect your eyes, head, hair, and your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Apart from protecting, straw hats are also:

  • Extremely lightweight due to their high-quality materials
  • Breathable
  • Attractive and fashionable 
  • Versatile
  • Recyclable 
  • Provides PUF sun protection

Top 5 Best Straw Hats

Straw hats are available in various styles. Whenever you search for straw hats on the internet, you’ll find multiple results such as bucket hat, garden hat, lifeguard hat, and fedora hat. However, the popular beach straw hats are Floppy, Boater, Panama, and Derby.  

Foldable Floppy Sun Hat

This beach hat is one of the most popular straw sun hats for women that is 100% straw yet foldable. No matter how many times you fold it or crush it, it will regain its original shape by steaming. This beach hat is highly beneficial for compact packaging if you’re going on a cruise or have limited space on your package. 

The design of floppy foldable straw hats is interesting and unique as it doesn’t meet at the back. The primary purpose of this gap is to allow women to apply any hairstyle without facing any problem due to the hat. The brim of the sloppy straw hats is still long enough to protect your skin and face from UV rays. 

Fedora Straw Hat

These beach hats will make you remind of B&W movies. This straw hat is a classic beach essential that comes with an upturned brim. This provides a fashionable and free-spirited look to the women. 

Additionally, fedora straw hats come with UPF 50 class rating. This means that fedora straw will protect you from the high amount of UV rays. As this hat comes with easy packaging, you can roll this hat up and fold it within a couple of minutes. It will also come back in its original shape once you use it again. As per Skin cancer, the UPF is known as Ultraviolet Protection Factor

Both functional and fashionable, the fedora straw hats are one of the most effective sun hats. You can easily adjust the size by using straps inside the hat. 

Wide Panama Hat

Showcase your fashion sense with the wide Panama hats. The Panama hats come with a dense straw weave that enhances the UPF ratings of this hat. Additionally, the wide brim will also protect you from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 

One of the great benefits of a Panama hat is that it has a sweat ban installed inside that enhances breathability. This way the wearer will remain cool. With a detachable strap, the Panama hat can be adjusted easily. Not to mention, the design of the hat will improve your appearance. 

Extra Wide Floppy

This is arguably one of the best beach hats you can wear all the time. This two-toned straw extra-wide floppy hat will complement your fashion statement at the beach party. This is one of the few hats that will protect your eyes and skin from the V rays in every possible way. The brims cover your entire head, but not in a way that will prevent you from enjoying the spectacular views before you. 

Most extra-wide floppy straw hats come with a detachable strap that helps them to stay intact in strong winds. As the chain also adjusts the size of the hat, this hat will undoubtedly look great on any woman. This hat can be folded, rolled, and packaged easily. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about storage spaces. 

The Oversized Hat

Despite the popularity and functionality, any women choose to ignore the oversized straw hats. This is because women find it difficult to walk under this hat as it comes with a large brim. However, the oversized hat is extremely effective at protecting your eyes, face, and skin from harmful sun rays. Combine your oversized hat with a parasol-style hat so that you and your partner can enjoy the beach views peacefully. 

Even though the UV protection or PUF listings of this hat is unknown, it can be determined by the rigidity of the straw weave. Tighter weaves mean better UV protection. The oversize straw hats will complement the outdoor beach activities. 


These are the top 5 best straw hats you can wear at beaches. Remember that the primary purpose of the straw hats at the beach is not only to protect you from the UV rays but also to showcase your fashion statement. Therefore, choose the straw hat wisely. 


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