Top 5 Platforms for Math Summer Course

Want to make your summer break productive? How about taking a math summer course? This blog will help you find the right platform for your math summer course.

Math is a fascinating subject, with a number of applications. It comes in handy while learning various other subjects such Physics and Chemistry and also opens the door to several career options. Being good at mathematics has several other perks as well. For example, it can improve reasoning and critical thinking abilities.

Here are five popular platforms that offer math summer courses for all grades. 

1. The Princeton Review

This platform is one of the best platforms for finding an online tutor. Apart from teaching students math, it also provides homework help and doubt sessions. The Princeton Review also guarantees better grades through some of the best tutors in the industry. 

Princeton Review offers its students a free session so that they can meet the tutor and get an idea of teaching methods, resources and other nuances. 

2. eTutorWorld

eTutorWorld offers its students special summer courses like math summer course, English summer course, etc. A student needs to thrive in the academic world, and eTutorWorld helps the students do exactly that and more. 

A student just needs to bring in their curriculum and hand it over to the experts. eTutorWorld team offers students an individualized online tutoring course based on the curriculum and a free diagnostic test that identifies learning gaps. 

And that’s not it, all the sessions are recorded so that a student can revisit them at a later time. Additionally, students can also schedule a free trial before they start a course. 

3. Revolution Prep

Revolution prep offers test prep, private tutoring, achievement tests and more to students through a team of expert tutors. The teaching method on this platform is simple fun. Students are taught with advanced tools and with the interactive story telling method. Revolution prep is also very popular for its live tutoring session with an IB Chemistry Tutor.

4. Prodigy

Prodigy gives its students individual attention, making it a perfect platform for learning math during the summer break. Prodigy also teaches the students math beyond their grade level, which is good for confidence and learning ahead in case of gifted minds. Sessions can be booked as per requirement. You can consider Prodigy for this year’s math summer course.

5. Chegg

The topmost benefit of signing up with Chegg is that it gives its students 24/7 attention, which is exactly what a student needs for improvement. Additionally, it offers 24×7 support, which means, learning can happen at any time of the day (and night). It also has an online equation solver, which help students get to explanations of even the most complicated problems, with ease. This site comes with a graphic calculator as well.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog helps you in finding the best e-tutor for your math summer course. The list above has some of the best names in the industry and math tutoring cannot get any better than this. 



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