Top 6 Classic Comedy Movies You Need to Check Out

Feeling bored or depressed, or just exhausted from all this griding at your work or home? If that sounds like you then we suggest you consider watching some classic comedies.

Watching quality comedy films is a really great way to escape from the mundane and to enjoy your free time. They give you a much-needed dose of laughter and an opportunity to relax and recuperate after a long day or week.

Choosing a comedy film to watch is not an easy task since they are literally thousands on sites such as movierulz , Disney+, etc and that is why we took it on ourselves to collect some of the best classic comedy films for you that guarantee instant laughter and fun.

Following are some of the best classic comedies that you can watch and have endless entertainment and laughter.

  • Dazed and Confused

This coming-of-age comedy depicts American high school culture in a fun way. As the last day of school approaches the seniors plan to haze freshman boys and girls and things become pretty hilarious when a boy named Mitch Kramer becomes the main target of such embarrassing acts.

There are great dialogues, witty comebacks, and the acting is just amazing. The film is really a must-watch for you if enjoy comedy with a little bit of crazy.

  • Bridesmaids

The film tells the story of a woman named Annie walker who is in her mid-30s trying to make it as a baker. When her best friend decides to get married and makes her maid of honour, things get pretty interesting. 

Annie has to get along with his friends’ bridesmaids who are quite hard to deal with. There is a strong sense of rivalry and competition while arranging for the marriage which leads to many hilarious encounters.

  • Superbad

The film depicts the life events of two high schoolers named Seth and Evan who while trying to prove themselves cool get themselves in serious trouble.

The story starts when one of the boys gets hit by a car and the driver asks them to not report him and for that favour, he lets them into a party where they get to enjoy alcohol for free. The movie has some really hilarious visuals and on-point acting by brilliant stars. The film is available for free on kisscartoon.

  • The Hangover

A group of friends named Phil, Stu, and Alan visit Las Vegas to celebrate the bachelorette party of their friend Doug.

The groom gets lost after a night of crazy events and now they all have to work together to find Doug while recalling the last night’s events slowly as the alcohol wears off. The movie is filled with hilarious dialogues and visuals from the starting point until the very end.

  • Borat

This film tells the story of a reporter from Kazakhstan who goes to America to explore their culture and society. He confronts various people and makes racist remarks without even knowing that how offensive he is being.

Borat falls in love with actress CJ Parker and makes it his mission to find her and take her with him as his wife to his home country.

  • Clueless

This story is about a confident, pretty, and popular high school girl named Char who takes pride in her matchmaking skills and often uses these to her advantage.

Another girl named Tai transfers to her school and Cher takes it upon her to find a guy for her. Soon she realises that there is so much more to life than being famous and attractive and her transformation begins.  The film is a complete package, it has a great cast, awesome direction, and the most hilarious dialogues.

Final Words

Pick any comedy films from the above list and we guarantee you will have the best experience ever. We have picked these after carefully considering their commercial and critical success. People seem to love these masterpieces and the critics admire the work and effort that went into the production.

We hope you find the best comedy classic movie that you were looking for from our list and we urge you to stay with us for more such useful and fun stuff.     


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