Top Care and Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vinyl Advertising Banners

Vinyl advertising banners are easily one of the best ways of building brand awareness and highlighting the features of your products and services, announcing sales and events for small businesses. Even if they are relatively easy and inexpensive to design and print, taking care of them can ensure they continue to work for you for a longer time and deliver a better return on investment. Some tips on how to take good care of your banners to extend their lifespan:

Display the Banner Where It Does Not Degrade Fast

Bright sunshine, driving rain, ice, and snow, as well as high winds, can result in the banner losing its steam relatively faster. It is also important to secure the banner so that it does not flap in the wind causing it to tear and fray. Using a larger number of grommets reduces the stress on the vinyl. Also, you should mount it in a place where it does not brush against walls, sides of buildings, lampposts, or trees, as it is bound to tear quickly. Long exposure to bright sunlight can cause the banner to fade, so you must buy one treated to protect it from UV rays. According to Temperature Master, the process of photodegradation causes the ink molecules to change irreversibly.

Cleaning the Banner

As you would expect, a banner displayed outdoor will become dirty due to the pollution and dust blowing in the wind. Moreover, when it rains, the moisture tends to trap more dirt and the banner looks unsightly. To clean vinyl banners, you should take them down and wipe down the digitally printed banner with a soapy solution and a lint-free cloth. If the banner has vinyl cut lettering, you need to be careful when you are wiping to prevent the edges of the cut letters from lifting. For stubborn stains, try wiping them with rubbing alcohol. You should clean banners displayed outdoor once a month for best results, but those displayed indoors can be cleaned at longer intervals.


If you need to store your banners now and then after taking them down, you have to follow the correct procedure to prevent them from getting spoiled. The first rule is that you must never keep away a banner when it is wet because mold and mildew can damage it. You must wipe down the banner with a dry cloth and let it air dry completely before rolling it up for storage. Never fold a banner because creases will develop that can be difficult to remove later. Digitally printed banners should be rolled with the printed surface facing inwards, while you should roll banners with cut letters facing outwards to prevent them from getting damaged. Use a poster or a shipping tube to store the banner in a cool and dry place in an upright position.


You can extend the life of your vinyl advertising banners considerably by displaying them in the right way that prevents them from getting damaged, cleaning them as frequently as needed, and storing them properly when you don’t need them. By extending the life of your


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