Top Creative Ideas for Custom Wedding Invitation Printing

It’s wedding season almost all year round, and people usually spend months and months trying to plan the perfect wedding down to every single detail. Still, somehow most wedding invites always end up being the plain old text on cardstock you see everywhere, and we understand that you don’t want your invitation to be that way. You want your invites to be a part of you and your big day. You want your invitations to be a memento for your guests and something that reflects the attention to detail and gets everyone excited to see the rest of the wedding. So we have gathered some of the top creative ideas for your invitation printing, and all of these can easily be done by most digital printing companies in Dubai.

There are multiple ways to amplify your wedding invites and give it more than just the date and venue. It’s your canvas and your place to be creative while making it a personalized piece that reflects not only you but the lucky couple’s happiness and the impression they want to create. So, what type of statement are you looking to make through your invites? Here are some inventive ideas that might inspire you!

Play with colors!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to spice up your invites is by playing with your color palette. This opens up a new window for exploration and a great outlet to incorporate your personality within the invites! You could match your invites to the theme of your wedding celebration or according to the dress code. To go for a bolder route, you could try color blocking by mixing up complementary colors like green with purple, red with blue, and so on! You could also go for a more cohesive and elegant look by minimizing the palette to similar hues and shades. The possibilities are endless, and the implementation is straightforward.

Get yourself illustrated!

With the graphic design market on the rise, getting the couple illustrated and including illustrated images in your wedding invites is a great way to make your invites look unique and special. It also creates a customized experience for you as you get involved with the guests from the moment they open their invite and see your illustration. Multiple graphic designers are available on the market these days, offering impeccable rates for something that could add a very personalized and unique touch to your big day!

Go Green with eco-friendly invites

Sustainability is something everyone is focusing on these days, and if you’re one of them, then what better way to give back to the world than using recycled material for your invites! You could do this through multiple ways like getting your invites printed on recycled paper, getting customized Digital Printing on old fabric, using newspapers to make envelopes, and so much more! This way, you are not only treating yourself but the environment around you too!

Mix and Match the material 00

Who says invites can only be printed on paper? You can get anything printed on anything nowadays, and that opens a new door for you to go mixed media with your invites! It can be anything from plastic to leather to wood and even glass! It provides you with an extensive array of customization possibilities that are unique to you. Any other printing press can provide you with these possibilities, especially the digital printing companies in Dubai. So go ahead and make use of all the material in the world, whether it is fabric or plastic, the choices are never-ending!

3-D / Pop-up invitations

Remember when you were a kid, and pop-up books were so mesmerizing that they were all you ever wanted? Now you can fulfill that childhood dream by hopping on the 3-D / Pop-up invitation trend! They are absolutely adorable, and just like little kids, your guests will certainly cherish receiving this whimsical invite for themselves. The playful experience that pop-up cards provide is unparalleled and will truly bring joy and manifest the spirit of happiness for everyone. This could also be paired with the other ideas we have mentioned, such as illustrations and vivid colors, to make everyone a memorable experience.

Go Vintage!

Are you tired of all the extravagant ideas these days and wish that you could maybe travel in time where only “save the date!” cards were sent? Then what are you waiting for? Vintage aesthetic has always been an acquired taste, and if you feel like you want to go for an antique look with old-fashioned lettering, then go for it! Additionally, you can also opt for a sealed envelope so that way it looks officially antiquated! Not only does it remind everyone of the old times it also adds an element of your personality in your invites and it’s a cost friendly option as well

Invite Boxes: a gift for your guests

Invite boxes are a great way to go if you have the budget for it. It’s a way of evoking this sense of intimacy between you and your guests to share your big day with them. These boxes can be customized according to your needs and taste, as well as the contents within it. You can print out invites, photographs, and letters and include tiny goodies in them like coffee, chocolates, jewelry, coupons, the list goes on! Luckily, digital printing companies in Dubai provide all types of printing options so whether it is boxes or letters, they have your back.

Laser cut/Engraved materials

Getting patterns and texts engraved or laser cut on your invites is a matchless way to create a high end and state of the art looking invite. It not only provides a clean and crisp view but also enhances the beauty in simplicity. The merger of negative and positive space creates a pleasing view for the guest, and it will definitely make you invite the talk of the town. Digital printing shops usually provide these services and even though it’s on the pricier end of the spectrum, the final product is totally worth it!

From colors to graphics, sustainability to whimsicality, we have provided you with enough choices to get your creativity flowing. Go experiment with all kinds of materials and different types of printing. Your wedding invites are a reflection of your happiness and your marriage, so customize it in a way that you feel is true to your relationship. It does not have to be extravagant or expensive, it could simply be printed hand written letters or even simple lettering. But what matters is how you choose to make it your own.

With all these ideas at hand, you have a limitless assortment to choose from; even combine some or all of the ideas together and make it a whole new and refreshing experience for both yourself and those around you. You can visit the printing presses around you and see for yourself what options you have and what is in trend, and then you can integrate these ideas to create something very special.

So what will your customized invitations look like?


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