Top Effective Ways to Reduce Risks of Coronavirus Efficaciously

The entire world is simply hoping for a miracle with the research going on for the coronavirus vaccines. But by that time, we have listed some of the effective ways to reduce risks of coronavirus required to safeguard our family members from getting COVID positive.

Also yes, doctors are giving alternate treatments to COVID positive patients along with some precautions to be followed by everyone. This is why you need to broaden your knowledge and learn new but effective ways to reduce risks of coronavirus transmission and spread.

  1. Wearing of masks

As you heard from the facts about coronavirus, it is an airborne disease. This paves a way for the virus to enter your body and infect your immune system. So, for stopping the inhalation of the infected mucus droplets, you need to wear masks.

Now, you will see different mask types. But, the most effective ones are the N95 mask and the surgical masks. These gave micropores, smaller in diameter than the saliva droplets.

  • Stop going to crowded places

It has been observed that the rate of transmission and the symptoms of coronavirus infection are more in crowded places. And that’s why our government and medical experts are continuously guiding us to stay away from gatherings and crowds. If you truly want to mitigate the risks of spreading infection, then:

  • Stop visiting markets daily
  • Avoid going to clubs where people have gathered
  • Avoid going out too often
  • Stop your children from going to the parks
  • Always sanitize parcels and boxes from online deliveries

The online delivery persons are distributing orders to various households. You are unaware of whether the box is infected with a virus or not. So, for people who are taking online deliveries, here are the effective and natural ways to reduce risk coronavirus:

  • Tell the delivery partner to leave the parcel in front of your house.
  • Once he is gone, open the door and spray the sanitizer in the air as well as on the parcel. Then only touch the parcel and take it inside your home.
  • Do not open the door without wearing a mask.
  • Wash your hands after touching anything

When you are going out for your job or any other important work, you are interacting with people. You might accidentally touch someone’s hand or someplace which can be infected. This is why you have to carry a sanitizer so that you can disinfect your hands whenever you are touching something outside your house.

  • Intake of Vitamin D and Vitamin C to boost your immune system

Seeing that people having strong immune responses are at lower risk of getting infected, doctors are suggesting eating healthy to enhance your body’s natural immune system. Vitamin D and Vitamin C are the key components of your immune system and hence you can take the supplements regularly. This will at least lower the risks of infection and by far, it is one of the remedies for lowering the chances of infection.

  • Immediately consult your doctor if you are sick

If you are suffering from fever, cough, or any other symptoms of coronavirus, consults your doctor on priority. Medical consultation is more essential for people who suffer from underlying health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, chest infection, asthma, and so on. 

  • Talk with others implementing social distancing

Social distancing is one of the best ways to lower transmission rates. You can distance yourself from others via:

  • Talking to another person outside by maintaining a good distance of at least two arm lengths.
  • Not including yourself in a small gathering of people outside your house.
  • Stop going to other houses or inviting someone else in your house.
  • Avoid going to areas affected by COVID infections

You must avoid going to places where the infection rate is pretty high. For example, when the outbreak was becoming a pandemic in China, traveling to or from the country was strictly banned. The same thing should be implemented for the local areas near to your place.

  • Sleep routine should be proper

You have to make sure that your sleep regime isn’t getting disturbed. Proper sleep will help your body to deal with any kind of infection, thereby keeping your autoimmune system active throughout the day.

  1.  Don’t touch your nose, eyes or mouth with dirty hands

If you are outside or returning home from some other place, first wash your hands properly with handwash, sanitize them, and then you can touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. It is believed that the virus can spread through eyes and mouth also apart from the nose. So, refraining yourself from touching these organs is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the disease.

Final Words There is no cure for coronavirus to date. But vaccines are still being experimented in research centers. So, the only way to keep yourself and your family safe are by lowering the exposure to the virus. We hope that this discussion will help you understand what are the do’s and don’ts from escaping such a situation.


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