Top Kayaking Destinations in Australia

Australia has some of the best kayaking destinations in the world. The country is home to a diversity of waterways, from shallow rivers and coastal estuaries to deep mountain lakes perfect for paddling adventures. If you’re looking for an Australian adventure this summer, then look no further. Here are our top ten picks for kayaking destinations in Australia!

Eurobodalla National Park

Visit Eurobodalla National Park for one of the most spectacular places in Australia to kayak. Located on the south coast, Eurobodalla has over 100 kilometers of coastline. It features rocky headlands, sandy beaches, lush green forests, quiet coves and secluded bays.

This diverse park offers something for everyone. You’ll get everything from well-known surf spots like Greenwell Point to more remote areas with abundant wildlife rarely explored by humans!

Lake Pertobe

Lake Pertobe is perfect for beginner kayakers as well as families looking to have an enjoyable time on the water. The lake is located in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region, which is likewise a dream location for avid fishermen! It features over 100 square kilometers of calm waters surrounded by vast tracts of untouched bushland.

Bruny Island Marine Park

Bruny Island is one place where you shouldn’t miss out on paddling adventures! This small island off the coast near Hobart has everything from beaches to forests and cliffs.

There are so many great places to kayak on Bruny Island—you’ll be spoilt for choice! Highlights include Adventure Bay as well as Lunawanna Beach/Kina Beach where you can explore lush mangrove habitats.

Flinders Ranges National Park

Located about two hours from Adelaide, Flinders Ranges National Park has something for everyone, including great places to go kayaking! The park features a stunning range of mountains that make up part of an ancient landscape more than 500 million years old. 

There are also plenty of caves (including Wilpena Pound), vast plains and pretty rivers and lakes for you to explore. It’s best to go there during winter when the weather is cooler and the water levels are higher, making it easier to paddle around!

Grampians National Park

Another favourite kayaking destination in Australia is Victoria’s Grampians National Park. It has a wide range of landscapes, from dry bushland to rainforests and grasslands perfect for spotting wildlife!

There are plenty of places where you can go kayaking here including the iconic Pinnacle track along the West Rim, which also takes you past some amazing rock formations as well as valleys that make great camping spots.

Freycinet Peninsula

If you enjoy sea kayaking, head over to Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula. This gorgeous area on the east coast features white, sandy beaches and turquoise waters dotted with islands. It also holds three World Heritage-listed National Parks: Maria Island, Mount Field National Park and Southwest National Park. 

There are several accommodation options available around Freycinet Peninsula. However, if you’re after a more remote experience, you can also camp on some of the islands.

Mornington Peninsula

Head to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula for some of the best kayaking adventures in Australia. The peninsula is home to beaches, islands and nature reserves that are perfect for exploring by sea kayak. You may even spot dolphins or whales along the way! 

Western Port Bay

If you’re looking for something more challenging, head over to Western Port Bay where you can challenge yourself on a crossing from Stony Point pier through Western Port Bay, around French Island and back again. Each leg of this journey is about seven nautical miles long, so it’s suitable only for experienced paddlers.

Kalbarri National Park

If you want to explore the more remote parts of Australia, Western Australia is for you! This state has some truly stunning locations waiting to be discovered. One of our favourites is Kalbarri National Park, which offers plenty of opportunities for sea kayaking along an incredible coastline filled with sheer cliffs, deep canyons and mysterious gorges. 

You can also go on a once-in-a lifetime adventure along the Ningaloo reef where you’ll have the chance to see whale sharks, manta rays and turtlesor even swim with them!

Kimberley Region

The landscape here features deep gorges, wild rivers, waterfalls and dramatic cliffs. There are plenty of incredible spots to kayak in this area such as Lake Argyle, where you can explore the shoreline by sea or whitewater kayaking along the Ord River. You may even spot a saltwater crocodile along the way! 

Kayak tours through mangroves, creeks and lagoons are also available if you’re keen on having a more relaxed experience.

Lake St. Clair National Park

The epicenter of kayaking in Australia is definitely Western Australia’s Lake St. Clair National Park! It offers a diverse range of sandy coves, sweeping limestone mountain ranges and forested islands that make for unforgettable paddling experiences. 

The park covers over 130 kilometers along the edge of this massive lake, which makes up part of the south coast between Albany and Esperance. It is one of the most popular kayaking locations in Australia due to its easy accessibility and abundance of wildlife! You’ll see amazing things like dolphins, seals, majestic blue wrens and even kangaroos on some paddling trails!

Ready to go kayaking?

Before you head out on your next kayaking adventure, make sure you’re fully prepared! It’s recommended that all kayakers obtain some form of training before venturing into the wilds—just in case something goes wrong. 

If you don’t have any experience, there are plenty of guided tours available. It may be worth checking these options first to avoid any unnecessary injuries or mishaps. You should also equip yourself with everything needed for a safe trip, including spare paddles if necessary, waterproof cases for smartphones and other valuables, sunscreen, dry bags and watertight containers (ideally ones marked with your name). 

Australia is home to some fantastic kayaking destinations, with each state offering its own unique experience! If you’re looking for something different this summer, consider heading out on the water and seeing what Australia’s waterways have in store. You won’t regret it!

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