Top places to live in Chicago

Everyone who likes to stay in Chicago can enjoy the Magnificent Mile, River North, and the Loop. Chicago is located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. It is known as a city struck by strong winds and its famous nickname, the Wind City. Here are some top places to live in Chicago.

1. Chicago Loop, one of the best areas to stay in Chicago

The vitality of young people studying at universities like DePaul and Columbia, the Loop has been energized in recent years. It is recognized to be the best area that has lost its movement after 5 pm. Though many scholars live there, it is the center of their cultural activities, such as opera, theatre, and huge shows. Millennium Park and Lollapalooza make Loop one of the famous concert halls.

The nightlife comes to life on the terrace, rooftop bar, and lounge with great cocktails. The place offers shows late into the night and is full of clubs listening to the best blues. There, you can select the type of accommodation in Chicago that best suits you: luxury, hotel-spa, historic, adjusted to your budget, or friends with your pet. There are many new apartment buildings in Chicago that are constructed in this  area. So check them out for the best living experience.

2. West Loop: vibrant area close to downtown

Located in the city’s center, it was once an industrial center and has become a neighborhood full of the best restaurants, bars, and boutique hotels. Its avant-garde atmosphere concentrates on galleries, designer stores, and antiques. The busiest areas are on Randolph and Fulton Market streets, par excellence for shopping and gastronomic delight.

The neighborhood offers an authentic city experience, with spectacular views from any of its skyscrapers, as well as good communications and proximity to places of interest. The West Loop is characterized by a neighborhood that is easy to get around, especially on foot. It offers access to public transport that reaches any point in the city.

3. South Loop: beautiful area to live in Chicago

Near Grant Park and museums, it has become one of the city’s most dynamic and entertaining residential areas to the south. This is because both the lake and fabulous parks surround the area. In the neighborhood as in the West Loop, there is also an avant-garde atmosphere, thanks to the talent of its artists.

Since there is an offer dedicated to entertainment, full of theatres, museums, and parks, it is a place where open-air concerts and long-term theatrical shows are very well received. South Loop has good communications: 32 public transport lines, four subway stations and one train station, and taxis and varied parking lots if you move by car.

Staying in Chicago on the South Loop gives you the advantage of being close to the stadium to watch the Chicago Bears. Much of the hotel’s offer is within walking distance of the Willis Towers, Grant Park, and Soldier Field.

4. River North, a unique area to live in Chicago

Located on the Chicago River, north of the Loop and east of the Magnificent Ville, it is a modern area where antique shops, art galleries, production companies, photo studios, and design companies abound. You won’t find houses here, but California skyscrapers and south san francisco apartments.

The area concentrates the most significant number of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs than any other neighborhood in the city, and during the summer, it is crowded with tourists. Public transportation is accessible from this area. There are train routes, as well as six bus routes. Taking a taxi is very simple since they are easily found everywhere. Regarding accommodation, this area of ​​the city concentrates the largest offer of hotels. Staying in Chicago in this neighborhood requires planning to find the ideal hotel.

5. Magnificent Mile, extreme luxury

This strip is famous for its exquisite architecture and for hosting the most luxurious hotels in the city. The neighborhood attracts many tourists, especially around Christmas time and during the warm months.

It is the ideal place to stay in Chicago for those who enjoy shopping in both boutiques and department stores; they are usually attracted by this space located between North Michigan Avenue and Oak Street.


Chicago is a great place for jazz and blues. The neighborhood is inhabited by different ethnic groups, giving the city different places. With pictures of majestic architecture, it boasts beautiful parks, gourmet restaurants, and shops that fascinate many.

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