Top Reasons You Should Consider Full Truckload Shipping for Shipping Goods

Full truckload is to do with the freight that caters to an entire truck. This refers to the fact that when using the full truckload shipping method, your freight will be the only freight on the whole truck. This way, the start has only two points of concern, one is the place from where the loading will be done, and the other point is one final destination. However, it can also be multiple locations for the same company sending the goods.

Benefits of Full-truckload Shipping

The full truckload type of trucking option is best depending on certain factors. These factors range from the origin and destination to the fuel costs. Below are the chief benefits of this setup:

Compared to other modes of transportation, full truckload shipping is cheaper and faster. Its advantages include reduced transportation costs, less risk of damage and theft, and greater flexibility. 

Reduced Transportation Costs

Full truckload shipping can save you money by reducing the number of small shipments. Using a full truckload shipping service can reduce your costs by up to 15 percent. Moreover, you can get lower rates by increasing your lead times. This method also avoids unnecessary idle time for carriers, which could cost you extra money. You can also negotiate with your broker for favorable rates if your shipments are usually packed and loaded in a short period of time.

Less Likely to Be Damaged or Stolen

When shipping goods, full truckload is preferred over less than truckload shipping. This is because full truckload shipping is less likely to be damaged or stolen, and because it involves fewer touch points along the way. There is no need for the shipment to be combined with other items or unloaded. Full truckload shipping is also more reliable, the risk of damage is less with full truckload shipping, and there are fewer touch points between the shipper and the receiver.

Better for Shipping Fragile Products

If you are looking to ship large or bulky products, full truckload shipping is the best option. However, this type of shipping is not always the best option for fragile products. It takes longer to deliver and may be expensive. It’s also best for orders with low volumes and low risk of damage. A full truckload shipment typically includes 10 or more pallets, which means that the entire truck will be dedicated to the shipment. 

More Flexible than Other Transportation Modes

One of the advantages of full truckload shipping is its flexibility. Unlike other transportation methods, this method doesn’t require you to classify your goods, and it’s a great way to ship multiple products on one truck. This method is particularly cost-effective, as you only pay for the space your products need to travel.

When using Full Truckload shipping, the shipments must be at least 53 feet long and weigh over 80,000 pounds. Full truckload shipments are often a bit more expensive, but they’re also much more flexible. The reason for this is because the trucking company can combine many LTL shipments into a single trailer. As a result, customers only pay a fraction of the truckload cost.

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