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Top Things to Ask for on Your Baby Shower Wish-List

When you are anticipating the arrival of your first little one, you will find yourself feeling as though all you should be doing is preparing for the baby. This feeling, often referred to as nesting, is an important part of the pregnancy journey both from a practical standpoint as well as a mental health one.

Preparing your baby’s room, acquiring all of the many items that you need for them, and finding some of the sweet things like cuddly toys that you hope they will enjoy, is all part of the process. In addition to all of this, many mothers like to create a baby wish list. This can be used when you are having a baby shower or when some friend or family member kindly offers to get you a gift for the baby. 

Having this list on hand will also come in handy when the pregnancy brain starts to set in and you all of a sudden forget that one important thing that you know you need to get before your baby is born. Even though many of the things that you place on your baby’s wish list will be unique to what you want for your setup with your little one, there are a few key things that you should ask for. Here are a few for you to consider putting on your wish list.

A Baby Monitor

Even though you will likely be constantly with your little one for those first few days, there will very quickly come stretches of time when they will be on their own sleeping while you finally get to do something for yourself. Before you know it, they will be moving into their own room too.

A quality baby monitor, preferably one with video stream, is a must-have. You will be able to keep an eye and an ear on your snoozing little one while you actually take a few minutes for yourself.


Within the first few weeks and months of life, your baby is going to need to be dressed and covered properly as their bodies aren’t yet very good at regulating temperature. While you will no doubt receive plenty of baby clothes, it is also important to acquire a few baby blankets.

Make sure that you ask for some lighter blankets, like the muslin ones from Crane Baby, as well as some heavier ones for when it is chilly outside. Essentially, you want to be prepared for whatever your baby will need based on the temperature of the room they are in at any given time.


Whether you will use disposable nappies or try out reusable options, you can never have too many nappies. Your little one will go through them at an astonishing rate.

Make sure that you register for nappies in a few different sizes. Babies are only in newborn size for a short time before they start to grow and require bigger sizes. Furthermore, placing them in a size up when they sleep at night can help to avoid leaks during those (hopefully) longer stretches of sleep.


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