Top tips for maintaining healthy ear aids


Cleaning your hearing aids is essential to ensure that they remain healthy. It would be best if you cleaned them before going to bed, giving them a couple of hours to dry. Try to avoid using alcohol and chemicals when cleaning your ear aids. Also, avoid exposing your aides to extreme heat or cold, as these conditions can damage them. If you have hearing loss, it’s best to avoid spending time by the pool or on the beach.

Keeping your hearing aids away from moisture is crucial. 

Keeping your hearing aids away from moisture is crucial. It includes removing them before swimming and keeping them in a dry environment. It would help to clean your ear canal to keep the hearing aids free from contamination before putting them in. Remember to dry your piercings before inserting your hearing aids to prevent further damage. Moreover, it’s also important to avoid water pressure that could cause your eardrum to perforate since this may damage the ear aids.

Avoid wearing your hearing aids during the night.

If you live in an area with high humidity, it’s essential to avoid wearing your hearing aids during the night. The moisture can corrode your hearing aids and cause them to malfunction. Men tend to produce more earwax than women, so it’s essential to know how to deal with it. It’s vital to avoid water pressure that might damage your hearing aids. Besides, never soak your hearing aids in water, as this can cause perforations.

Keep them clean and dry.

If you’re not using your hearing aids, it’s essential to keep them clean and dry. It is best to clean them after use, but don’t leave them in the shower, tub, or sink. Aside from this, it would help if you were careful not to immerse them in water that is too hot or too cold. It can introduce harmful bacteria to your ears and cause a bacterial infection. For additional hygiene, you should also add olive oil to your earwax, and it will soften it and encourage it to move out naturally.

Avoid wearing them when swimming or shovelling the driveway.

In addition to cleaning your hearing aids by Audi Hearing after every use, you should also avoid wearing them when swimming or shovelling the driveway. Leaving them in the house is the best way to prevent the risk of damage to your hearing aids. The warmth from showers or baths can lead to an ear infection and is not recommended for your hearing aids. So, it’s essential to wash your hearing aids regularly and wear them as often as possible to prevent any potential problems.

Proper hygiene is essential for ear aids to be effective.

To ensure your hearing aids work properly, you should keep the water out of your ear. A humid environment can cause a buildup of earwax, which is detrimental to your hearing aids. Soaking your ears with soap is the most effective way to prevent this buildup. Additionally, if you use a hair care product in your ears, you should make sure that you rinse them before you wear them.

Cleaning your earmolds is crucial for keeping them in excellent condition.

To remove built-up wax and debris, you should keep them clean. It’s important to avoid excessive moisture as it can damage your earmolds. Furthermore, it would help if you kept your earmolds out of the water. If you are swimming, you should take them inside the house. To avoid perforating your eardrum, you should avoid exposure to hot and cold temperatures.

Make sure you don’t use water pressure on your hearing aids. 

When bathing, make sure you don’t use water pressure on your hearing aids. If you’re in a pool, you need to make sure your ears are completely dry. If you’re in a pool or hot tub, keep your hearing aids out of the water to avoid any damaging chemicals. And don’t forget to wear a protective hearing aid when you’re exposed to high-pitched music.

Clean your hearing aids before you use them

If you’re swimming or working around loud noises, you should remember to clean your hearing aids before using them. When you wash your hearing aids, you should use a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove any buildup of wax. When you clean the earpieces, it’s best to hold them with the opening facing down, making it easier to remove debris. It would be best to remember to avoid using water pressure too much, which can damage your hearing aids.


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