Trending Personalised Gifts For New Home Owners

With a plethora of things to buy and do in order to make your new home as comfy as possible – being a homeowner for the first time can be a new challenge to put up with at times. Let your new homeowner loved ones know how much they mean to you with thoughtful, personalised gifts. Online gift stores are offering a seamless way for anyone to buy, customise, and arrange delivery of gifts hassle-free. In this post, we share the trending personalised gifts for new homeowners.

Personalised doormat

Doormats are some of the first items everyone notices. Spruce up your loved one’s home curb appeal with a personalised doormat. Choose ideal mat colours and designs that resonate with their taste.

Travel gifts

Travel gifts are some of the most practical and stylish items everyone appreciates. Whether your loved one is a working-class, adventurer, or student – there is always something to make their routine travels fun and convenient. Some of the most common travel gifts include laptop bags/sleeves, wallets, purses, and passport covers. Take the surprise a step further by having the items personalised with a name, message, and design.

Plant & flower grow kit

Plants and flowers provide us with oxygen and filter toxins from the air while being decorative and having spiritual meaning. They are surely the best gifts that will always keep on giving! Some of the most common plants and flowers to include in the grow kit are – the Money Plant, Bonsai Plant, Lucky Bamboo Plant, Roses, Carnations, Lilies, and Orchids.

Personalised planter

Some plants can be grown throughout the year. Other plants and flowers are seasonal. Spruce up your loved one’s home decorations with a personalised planter. There is a wide variety of planter sizes, customisations, and more! Check out trending planter options available on online florist stores and social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Recipe cutting board

The right and best way to touch anyone’s heart is – through food! If you get a chance, you would travel to enjoy the delicious cuisines your loved ones prepare. Express love and appreciation to the new homeowners with a thoughtful recipe cutting board. There is a wide selection of board designs, shapes, and customisations. So, search for items that resonate with your loved one’s favourite options.

Perfume gift set

Sweet fragrances uplift the mind, body, and soul! A perfume gift set will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face. Finding the ideal perfume gift is like taking a walk in the park, since you know his/her favourite perfume scents and brands. Take the perfume surprise a step further by having the covers personalised with name/initials and designs among others.

Scented candles

Spruce up your loved one’s home aura with tantalising scented candles. With a wide selection of candle scents, designs, and customisations – there is something for everyone. You can pair up the candles with the perfume gift set and cosmetics products among other items.

Personalised jewellery

Jewellery is a status symbol, representing love, wealth, and power. And presenting loved ones with jewellery on special occasions is a way to express love and best wishes. Let your loved one know how much he/she means to you wherever they are with a personalised jewellery surprise. With a wide variety of jewellery items and customisations – there is something for everyone.

Engraved pens

A pen is always a handy thing to have. It’s convenient to have one for making a quick grocery list or leaving a note for their family, friend, coworker, or a stranger. It’s also good to have when out and about for signing forms. To make it more special and unique, get them high-quality personalized pens instead of regular ones!


Journaling personal thoughts and important information is a lot smarter than swamming your mind with too much information. Make every moment for your loved one count with a journal to pen down thoughts and important information. There is a wide selection of journal designs and customisations for everyone. So, surprise your loved one with a journal that resonates with their favourite colours and designs.

Framed memories

Framed memories are some of the best ways to make cherished memories and brigten up the spaces with positive vibes. A picture is surely known to contain more than a thousand words. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you with custom photo frames.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the trending personalised gifts for new homeowners. Make the best impressions on your loved ones with thoughtful gifts from online stores at the ding of the doorbell. Search for a reputable gift store offering various items, customisations, and home delivery.


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