Trust Wallet Review: Should You Trust It?

When you’re looking for a crypto wallet, security is definitely your number one priority. There are people who also want a variety of features, but why do you need them if your funds aren’t guarded well? Trust Wallet is one of those crypto wallets with many extra options, but the big question is: should you trust Trust Wallet? Let’s find out.


Created in 2017, Trust Wallet is a crypto wallet that can be used to store, trade, and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and about 150 other cryptocurrencies. However, this wide variety of assets gets updated from time to time to include new and interesting coins. Moreover, it’s completely free to download, and you can easily learn how to use it even if you are not too familiar with the entire crypto thing: the wallet has a very user-friendly interface.

If you use your Trust Wallet to store crypto, your tokens can work for you instead of just being locked up. That’s right: this wallet supports staking. Basically, that means that your crypto can work for you by generating some passive income based on a proof-of-stake mechanism with a flexible interest rate. This feature may be especially useful for beginners who don’t feel like actively trading crypto due to high volatility or not enough experience in the field.

But if you’re experienced enough to trade, Trust Wallet provides you with built-in charts that show you how prices of different cryptocurrencies change in real time. This way you can stay updated without having to use additional software. All in all, this wallet definitely aims to fill all of your crypto needs, and most of the time it seems to succeed. But what about security? It is the most important aspect of any wallet, so our Trust Wallet review should cover that, too.


Trust Wallet is a software wallet which means that it is fundamentally less secure than any of the hardware options. However, it includes lots of security features to ensure that your tokens remain completely safe. You receive a private key to access your wallet, and you also have to input your fingerprints and remember unique pin codes. While that may seem complicated, it is actually a very simple system.

The wallet itself is quite reputable, so you can really just trust it like thousands of other clients of Trust Wallet do. All in all, it’s a great way to store your crypto without too many difficulties.


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