Understanding Family Dispute Resolution

In Australia, it is compulsory to go through Family Dispute Resolution when a couple is separating and divorcing, in order to apply for court parenting orders. The idea is when a family makes a genuine effort with FDR, it is a chance for the family to come to an agreement, and learn how to communicate better, thus saving money spent on legal fees and time spent in court.

There are a few times when a family can be exempt from this kind of marriage counselling Perth. In order to have a parenting order created or modified, a certificate is needed from an FDR practitioner who is accredited. It is known as the section 601 certificate.

Looking for more information and services

For families looking for more information and services as well as a professional who is an FDR practitioner, you can look at the Family Relationships Online website. When you are seeking family counselling Perth, using an FDR practitioner means that you’re going through a completely independent party who will not take sides. An FDR practitioner can help you to amicably work through issues and assist you in reaching agreements that are in the best interests of all concerned. It is also a good idea to seek legal advice. There are new FDR services specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Look at the Family Relationships Online website for Implementation Plans and to learn more.

What to do if you are not satisfied with your practitioner

Every accredited practitioner for FDR and counselling Perth should give you the information you need if you want to make a complaint. The first step is to raise your complaint with the practitioner, and if you are not happy with the response or how your complaint is handled, you can then complain to either the National Office Complaints Team in the DSS or for a private practitioner there are professional associations you can go to such as the AIFLAM, the ADRA, Conflictsolvers, ISDR, AMA and so on.

Should you make a complaint, understand that your personal information is collected to identify you. Your particulars and information about your complaint are passed on to the relevant party for processing. That personal information or anything said in the marriage counselling Perth/ resolution meetings is not disclosed to anyone not named in that complaint. If you do not provide enough information to identify you then action on the complaint is not possible.

We all would like to avoid family disputes, but at times it’s a lot easier said than done. Achieving a resolution when it comes to a family dispute, can take time, while being emotionally and financially draining. The best thing is to engage a firm that excels in family law. You should seek advice on how best to approach your issues, and how best to reach an amicable solution if separation and divorce does eventuate.


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