Unfit in her 30s, bodybuilder in her 40s – Kiran Dembla

Kiran Dembla – An Indian Bodybuilder

When audiences stepped into the theater to watch Wonder Woman this dialogue resonated with them the most. Steve Trevor trusting Princess Diana with the future of the world symbolize the dawn of a new age of female-led superhero movies. Although Wonder Woman is a work of fiction it stands cemented on its theme and message of womanhood. And if you look around, you can find such superheroes amongst us. This is the story of one such superwoman, this is the story of one of the top women icons Kiran Dembla.

Married in 1997, Kiran is a mother of two children. The family shifted in Hyderabad in 2006 and everything seemed perfect. Tragedy struck when she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain much to the shock of her family. Treatment began, but the stress and constant nausea broke her spirits.

Her family supported her throughout this period but the thought of her life fleeting away kept bothering her. The tides turned one day and Kiran decided to make each day count. Trained for 23 years in music, Kiran found solace in the art and started teaching music classes.

The journey had begun

She joined a gym and worked out regularly. Being a housewife and a mother this proved to be a challenge. She started her training at 5 in the morning and reached back home just in time to attend her children.

What followed is a journey only witnessed in superhero movies. Starting with a bodyweight of 75 kgs, she transformed her body and fitness such that it got the attention of the Telugu movie industry.

Kiran started her career as a celebrity trainer. Her clients included several big names of the industry and she launched her line of gyms. She had come a long way but there was no stopping.

At the age of 37, Kiran Dembla took on bodybuilding. She thoroughly trained her physique and aspired to take part in the big leagues. Obstacles came in her way in the form of a reserved family and the death of a closed one.

Regardless, taking part in the World Bodybuilding Championship in 2013, she emerged with flying colors, securing the sixth position. Today Kiran lives with her family in Hyderabad and continues to inspire thousands with her work and her story.

If you are a user of social media you might have come across the trending “Cheers to womanhood” challenge. Kiran and many others through their works continue to encourage women to embrace womanhood. With a message to not waste your lives, even if you are a housewife, Kiran Dembla is a sign of hope, dream, hard work, perseverance, and ultimately success.

To be precise, she is the true definition of a superhero.

This Woman’s Day let us embrace the hero within ourselves and start pursuing our dreams. Let us set an example for others to follow and build a legacy unlike any other woman !!!

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