Useful Teas for Face and Hair Care

Skin and hair care needs regular care: cleansing, toning, nutrition. Especially in a modern world full of pollution. Someone prefers to use soap, and some prefer decoctions for the beauty and health of hair and skin. Unlike the first method, herbal infusions are suitable for any type of epidermis, and can also significantly help in caring for curls. Let’s find out which decoctions are the most popular and effective, as well as how to properly prepare and apply them.

How to use medicinal decoctions?

It is very simple to prepare a medicinal decoction. Pour 20 g of dry herbs with a glass of boiling water and leave for an hour. After cooling, strain the broth and use. However, here the question arises: how to use such a drug? Here cosmetology provides a fairly large selection of methods.

  1. Washing face. Regularly, and preferably daily, wash your face with a cool decoction of herbs. This not only brings certain benefits, but also wonderfully invigorates.
  2. Rubbing. With a warm infusion, wipe your face with a cotton pad. It is a great substitute for tonics and lotions. Beneficial substances penetrate deeper into the epidermis and normalize excretory and metabolic processes in skin cells.
  3. Cosmetic ice. Freeze in ice cube trays and enjoy an effective invigorating and toning facial. You can wipe your skin in the morning and evening, and use chamomile cubes even more often. Just apply them as needed at any time of the day.
  4. Compresses. This method takes longer, but it is also more effective. The compress will relieve tension, eliminate the signs of fatigue, and also give a practical instant result. You just have to choose the plant you need and make a decoction. Then soak a cloth mask with the potion, place it on your face and relax for 20 minutes. With regular use, all your problems will disappear.
  5. Cosmetic masks. Some homemade face masks are water-based, but you can easily replace it with a tried and tested herbal decoction. So you will not only enrich the composition of the cosmetic product, but also provide an invaluable service to your own beauty.

Which herbs are best for skin and hair care?

We figured out some of the intricacies of various procedures. Let’s make a choice among the many beneficial herbs and natural skin care products.

  • Pharmacy chamomile takes a well-deserved first place in the list of the most sought-after cosmetic herbs. Perhaps this is the most favorite plant of those ladies who care about the condition of their face. Chamomile is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin, as it is not an allergen. This plant is used to eliminate inflammation on the skin, with small wounds. Decoctions based on this plant nourish and moisturize, eliminate oily sheen, regulate metabolic processes in the epidermis. Chamomile has quite strong whitening properties, so it is recommended for removing freckles and age spots.
  • Calendula is a well-known cute and bright flower; it is practically not inferior to chamomile in popularity. Due to its bactericidal properties, calendula is indispensable in the care of inflamed skin and even in the treatment of burns and non-healing wounds. This plant is recommended for oily epidermis.
  • Linden. The fragrant light flowers of this tree are essential for the care of dry to normal skin, and they are also suitable for mature and aging skin. Thanks to its rich essential composition, this plant promotes nutrition, hydration and rejuvenation. Make linden masks and drink aromatic tea – become healthier inside and out.

What plants will keep your hair care beautiful?

Now that your face is radiant with health and beauty, it’s time to take care of your hair. Who doesn’t dream of thick and silky hair? Our hair is exposed to the greatest and most traumatic effects of hard water and hot air from a hairdryer hair care. It’s no surprise that women suffer from hair breakage and loss.

First of all, we offer you decoctions for the beauty and health of hair. Not only will they help restore strands, but they will also save you from one traumatic factor – tap hard water . In addition, you can solve several problems at once: speed up hair growth and strengthen them.

  • You don’t have to go far in search of a miracle cure. The list of herbs for hair growth is familiar to many: aloe, birch leaves, nettle and burdock. It is even easier to prepare the drug: pour the dry collection with boiling water, let the infusion enrich for half an hour, strain and use. These products can be used to rinse your hair after washing or applying masks. Use these infusions regularly 1-2 times a week. Your hair will not only start growing faster, but it will also become silky and shiny.
  • Plants to strengthen hair are as easy to find as to grow. These are coltsfoot, ivy, thyme, oak bark, fir and the already familiar calendula. The recipe is the same, the application is just as simple. By the way, you can use an infusion of several plants by combining them.

Nature has made sure that we can stay beautiful and healthy all our lives. Whether we follow this idea or not, we decide for ourselves. In conclusion, we suggest you watch a video about the benefits of chamomile in folk cosmetology.


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