Veneer Prices and All the Necessary Information to Have Them Installed in Brisbane

One of the first features most people will notice about you is your smile. That’s why it can be somewhat discomforting when your dentition is not in a condition that will push you to always flash your brightest smile at the slightest opportunity.

Dental Veneers can be the solution to addressing your teeth’s physical and aesthetic problems. This post will cover dental veneer prices and all the necessary information to have them installed in Brisbane.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin coverings made from porcelain or composite resin and attached to the teeth’ front surface to improve their appearance. They’re popular options for permanently correcting dental imperfections like:

  • Stained tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Teeth cracks
  • Diastema
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Too small teeth, etcetera.

What Are the Various Veneers’ Prices?

Veneers are usually considered cosmetic, and the cost of installing them is not covered by dental insurance. Since you’d most likely be paying directly from your pocket when you want to install them, it’s best you know the veneers’ prices. That way, you can get a clear idea of what you’re getting into financial-wise.

Teeth veneers prices typically vary and depend on factors like the number of veneers required, the type, the aesthetic desires, the degree of tooth precipitation, etcetera.

Types of Veneers and Their Prices

As stated earlier, veneers can be made from two different materials – resin composite and porcelain. Therefore, depending on the material used in the manufacture, veneers are divided into common types.

  • Porcelain Veneers

These veneers are made from thin slices of porcelain and are typically attached to the front of the teeth. Porcelain has translucent properties; therefore, porcelain veneers can shine the way natural teeth do. Like your natural teeth, they’re also resistant to stains. Porcelain veneers last an average of 10-15 years.

Porcelain Veneers Prices in Brisbane

Depending on the amount you want, porcelain veneers’ prices in Brisbane can be as low as $5994 for 6 porcelain veneers, $7992 for 8 porcelain veneers, and $8990 for 10 porcelain veneers.

  • Composite Resin Veneers

Compared to porcelain veneers, composite resin veneers are cheaper. However, they’re less durable and resistant to stains. They also last for a shorter time. On average, composite resin veneers last for between 4-8 years.

A dentist conducting checks on a woman’s teeth to determine her best veneer fit.

Composite Veneers Prices in Brisbane

Composite resin veneers prices in Brisbane are as low as $1998. 

Veneers Financing Options

Veneers are a bit pricey and are usually not part of most dental insurance plans. You can pay for the veneers upfront if you’re financially buoyant. However, if you aren’t, here are some veneer financing options.

  • Payment Plans

Payment plans are excellent options if you’ll pay for your veneers straight out of your pocket. Some cheap dentists Brisbane can allow you to pay for your veneers over a few months to a year.

  • Discount Dental Savings Plan

Although dental insurance doesn’t cover veneer costs, you can use the dental savings plan. They work like membership programs to offer discounts or savings on different dental services or treatments.

Alternative Treatments That Can Also Improve Your Smile 

Apart from teeth veneers being expensive (especially if you want more than one), it also causes some irreversible changes. If you’re unsure about veneers, or can’t afford them, here are some alternative treatments.

  • Teeth Whitening

If whitening your teeth can brighten your smile, consider opting for it. Compared to veneers, it’s significantly cheaper. You can get it done for as low as $299.99.

  • Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is another alternative that can whiten your teeth or fix tooth irregularities. Depending on the type of dental bonding you opt for, they can be cheaper and quickly completed.

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal

Sometimes the secret to unlocking your bright smile lies in a Brisbane wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth removal Brisbane costs way less than veneers. It can be as cheap as $550 per tooth or $1800 for all four.


Dental Veneers can provide a lasting solution to your teeth’ physical and aesthetic problems. However, before getting them, be sure to consult your dentist to know if they’re the right solution to improving your smile and also your other options if they aren’t.



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