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What Are Some Bad Parenting Trends?

Sometimes, it’s tough to quantify whether today’s parents are stricter or more permissive. However, what’s worth noting is that overall sentiment reflects the point that parents are more lenient than they were a few decades back.

It’s worth having an idea regarding some of the most prevalent bad parenting trends.

  • Overly Structuring Childhood

The overall trend of prioritizing academics/extracurriculars, as well as college admissions over everything else, is one of the worst parenting trends. Give kids some chores and let them hang out with friends outside of structured sports and musical activities!

  • Making Children Spend Time With Family Who Mistreat Them

Some parents force kids to spend time with family even though they mistreat their children.

  • Making Children Believe That Education And Studying Is The Only Important Thing

Often, certain parents make kids believe that studying is the only thing that they do in childhood. Also, they put in the heads of the children that everything else is just useless stuff, which is definitely not a proper kind of parenting trend.

  • Excessive Responsibilities On Children

parenting trends

One of the worst forms of parenting trends is pushing the children too hard in sports and academics. The pushing goes to the point that children are made vulnerable to getting therapy or even self-injured. Some of the other aspects include no free time and no downtime.

  • Forcing Ignoring Their Body To “Prevent” Food Waste

One of the common statements that parents use is “Finish your plate,” or they even mention that unless the child finishes the plate, he or she won’t get any dessert.” Often, certain parents go to the point of making this a lifelong habit to force the child to eat to not get food wasted. Now, obesity is everywhere, and one of the reasons is this kind of parenting during childhood.

  • Romanticizing Alcoholism Along With Blaming Children For A Drinking Problem

parenting trends

“Alcoholism” isn’t cute; there’s no point in convincing yourself of it. There’s no point in treating the existence of your child as a burden to you.

  • Not Allowing The Child To Have A Part In Say

Certain Parents are too fond of the idea of punishing their kids for speaking up. They even get furious with the thought that their kids are “talking back.”

  • Not Letting The Child Experience Challenges

The parent who removes all obstacles from a child’s life doesn’t usually realize that they are raising children in a manner that they don’t learn about perseverance, problem-solving, and learning from mistakes.

  • Using Children’s Emotional Distress For ‘Likes’

parenting trends

A trend is going around on TikTok where parents are throwing away their kid’s art in front of them, and they also take pleasure in this and laugh while the kids are sobbing. Often, parents don’t realize that their children, too, have emotions and that using children’s emotional distress in any form isn’t going to prove fruitful.

  • Making The Child Believe That Failure Is The Ultimate Crime

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Most parents have the tendency to make their children terrified to fail. Some parents even go to the point of physically abusing a child when they fail. This is enough to make the child feel paranoid and unmotivated all the time. Some parents also make a child feel that he or she is destined to be a loser.

  • Allowing A Child To Control Everything

Some parents tend to allow their children to make all choices and decisions. This isn’t a good parenting idea at all as the child grows up to control every decision in the family.

  • Not Educating Regarding Sex

parenting trends

Not educating your kids about sex because it’s an “uncomfortable topic” isn’t going to help anyway. Proper sex education raises awareness of the body and the changes that occur during puberty. It’s understandable that parents have difficulty explaining it to their children and frequently skip it, but what they don’t understand is that sex education can benefit both parents and children.


Final Words

Family and social stress increase the chances of depression in children, yet it’s worth not forgetting that a negative parenting style makes children face family and social anxiety. The high level of hostile parenting and low level of positive parenting makes a child vulnerable to stress, peer pressure, and family relationship problems.

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