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What Are The Four Types of Parenting Styles 2020?

Your style of parenting is what reflects the behavior and habits of your child that you follow from top four types of parenting styles. It can not only affect the way of thinking of your child but also depicts how your child is going to be in the future. In this scenario, you have the utmost responsibility to maintain everything starting from diet to your behavior in front of your child at the home.

It is also difficult to adapt to a new and whole new routine suddenly thus there are four types of golden parenting styles that can help you in nurturing your behavior and routine with your child.

Psychologists and researchers have identified these parenting styles that each one of which has a completely different approach in raising children. Also, the consequences of the parenting style on the children are separated respectively.

1. Authoritarian Parenting

This is a strict mode of parenting where parents force every opinion of them to the child. And the child must follow the rules without any kind of exception. It’s a kind of homely dictatorship which leaves the children with no other option. Than they just have to compromise on their dreams and follow everything that their parents decide.

Signs of Authoritarian parenting style and consequences

  • The total focus of such parents remains on obedience. They are never ready to listen about the opinion or intention of their children.
  • They normally use punishments replaced by the discipline. This literally means that they are making their child feel sorry for the mistakes they have committed.
  • Children who grow up with such rules probably grow up with discipline throughout their life. But they surely lack obedience and pass on this behavior to their heirs too.
  • Such kids can’t handle problems with self-esteem because they are never asked their own opinions in their past. And thus just feels contained with the things they have.
  • Kids grew up with authoritarian parenting often turns into liars to escape punishments.

2. Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative is quite a better parenting than authoritarian one as the feeling of children is also taken into account. Such parents put a lot of effort into raising a child and maintaining a positive relationship. This proxy between parents and child also includes explaining the strict rules which you have made to be strictly followed.

Signs of Authoritative Parenting Style and Consequences

  • Children who are grown up with authoritative parenting has a straight focus on their aim. As they know the struggle and efforts of their parents to raise them and to give them a good life.
  • Such kids feel comfortable in expressing their feelings and opinions and are also responsible too.
  • They can make good decisions and take every safety measures for their parents and children being aware of good and bad things.
  • A parent in Authoritative style surely enforces rules and opinions on their children. But they explain every single rule and practice with different strategies including praising too.

3. Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are the lenient ones who sets different rules for their children but enforce on them rarely. They are light-minded people who think that kids will be kids and forgive their child faster if they promise to stick to good things. They step into strict rules only if there is a serious problem but always gets to the favor of their children.

Signs of Permissive Parenting Style and Consequences

  • Permissive parents are closer to their children as a good companion and support them in everything.
  • The good thing about such parents is that they make their children talk about their problems to set their minds free and comfortable.
  • The problem with such parents is that they don’t discourage bad choices of their child and even if they say, that is just in a light way without enforcing anything on their kid.
  • Children who have grown up with permissive parenting often suffers in studies and mostly don’t have any goal in their life.
  • Such kids are not intended to be a great personality or inspiration and just want to live simply and merge with society.
  • Children of permissive parents also have low self-esteem and struggle a lot in their life.

4. Uninvolved Parenting

Those parents have just given up on their child and never ask anything about their studies or work. They never spend time with kids and not have much knowledge about what their kid is doing.

Signs of Uninvolved Parenting Style and Consequences

  • Uninvolved parents are neglectful and never care about the behavior, deeds or attitude of their children.
  • Busy employees parents come into this category those who have no time to look after their kid and with whom he or she is with.
  • Children who have grown up with uninvolved parenting are more likely to have no self-esteem and can’t decide anything on their own.
  • They struggle their whole life, performs poor in school or else works in their office.

Which Parenting Style is Most Effective?

The most effective parenting style is the Authoritative style because it has proven to hold the most positive effect on children. Besides, Authoritative parenting is all about setting reasonable expectations for children. That said, there is also the involvement of a loving environment. Warm and nurturing listen to their children. 

Besides, when discipline is necessary, authoritative parents will ensure happiness fairly and positively. More empathetic, kind, and warm parents understand the needs of the children and will be more resistant to peer pressure.

More responsible parents can regulate themselves. They also inculcate in the children the sense to make good decisions on their own. Respect for adults, other people they hold also makes them the best.


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