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What are the qualities of a good mother?

Motherhood is never about perfection because it’s always a new experience for everyone every day. If someone wants to write a book on how it feels to be a ‘perfect’ mother, one can bet she will lack in words. What makes you a good mother are the qualities that you imbibe for parenting your kid in your way.

People will say a lot, especially the so-called noble advisers who will always give you some equally so-called wise suggestions. But, being a mother on your own, it’s up to you which suggestions are wise and which aren’t.

As a mother, the qualities that you need to have don’t come with taking parenting classes or watching multiple videos. They come from within, a result of your desire to be a successful mother. So, let’s see which of these qualities are there in you and which ones you have to master!

Being a mother means being patient

Patience is a prime quality that a mother needs to have because, unlike others, she is always the person who inspires her child. If your child cannot do something, then rather than snapping at him/her, be a patient person, and make them understand.

Here’s how you can be more patient with your kid:

       Go for a countdown and if not successful, start all over again.

       Connect with your kid in every possible way to give yourself a reminder of what he/she means to you.

       Keep yourself healthy because sometimes lack of sleep or frustration can make your snappy and impatient.

       Understand what’s your child wants to say.

Mothers are always strong

Motherhood demands the channeling of your inner strength to your kid because unless you are strong, you cannot make your relationship strong. There is no doubt that even the strongest women sometimes falter and become weak, but being a mother, you have to master your ability to transform your weakness into your strength.

Your kid will always look up to regarding his/her fears, anxieties and problems. Unless you are strong enough, you cannot give them the courage they need to fight back and rise against the oddities. Emotional strength is a lot to maintain but that’s what makes a woman a mother.

Always be humble in attitude

You are a human just like your kid. You too make mistakes just like your child. So, why are you only scolding him and not yourself? There is no rule saying that being a parent has given you the independence of doing things wrong and making them correct in front of your child. Humbleness is one of the main qualities which most of the mothers miss and don’t even try to master it.

But in the midst of keeping your ego alive, you do more harm than good to your kid. Until you are humble towards others, you cannot expect your kid to be show decency and humility towards others. Here are some ways in which you can be humble in your attitude:

       Don’t boast about anything in front of your kid.

       If you have made a mistake, accept it. This won’t demean your image in front of your child.

       Don’t always try to be a perfect mother.

Mothers are always empathetic

Empathy is one of the greatest qualities of a mother because being empathetic will make you closer to your child. The moment you will start keeping yourself in his/her shoes, you will understand what’s wrong with your child or how he/she is feeling. It’s very important for a mother to be a friend to her child rather than being a strict parent.

       Ask your child about their behavior if you find something wrong.

       No matter if you already know, ask your child and listen from them only.

       Put yourself in their shoes and then judge your child.

Respectfulness is a premium quality

To get respect, you need to show respect. It’s a dual way thing that has to be maintained from both the ends. Your kid is younger than you but that doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful towards his/her thoughts and dreams. Ask yourself, would you show respect towards your own parents if they didn’t respect you? You will get your answer.

Being authoritative when necessary

You love your kid and there’s no doubt in that. But, in motherhood, you have to take hard decisions sometimes like grounding your child if he/she is being disobedient or stubborn. You have to be strict but only when it’s necessary. Your child should be fearful of you, albeit in a good way. They should know their limits and should abide by the disciplines.

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