What are the various applications of white-box cryptography?


For all the people who don’t know the meaning of cryptography, it is a process by which a set of given data is converted into a code, which cannot be understood by a stranger. The common motive behind using cryptography is to hide any kind of sensitive information from hackers so that they don’t misuse your data for their evil deeds. That’s why, processes like authentication & data privacy have become so essential today, and no business organisation can compromise on that. 

White-box cryptography came into existence in the year 2002, with the motive of protecting all the sensitive keys from being displayed in any process during the implementation of software. It works by combining two methods, namely- Encryption & Obfuscation. Both of them make sure to place the secret keys within the application code, in a very clever & sophisticated manner. It aims to combine the secret keys & application code so that the result becomes difficult to analyze by the hackers. Following are some of the applications of white-box cryptography:

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  • Online streaming platforms: We all have seen the constant rise of OTT platforms in the lockdown period, and they have gained attention most fascinatingly. But with everything great, comes worse, and security issues are one of the major issues faced by the OTT industry since there is a lot of risks associated with videos that are published on these platforms. If there is weak security, you are bound to get yourself into a problem. So, in that case, white-box cryptography helps you by making sure that your hackers don’t get access to your content, as well as maintaining the integrity of your customers, and not hampering their watching experience in any way.
  • Mobile applications: We use a lot of applications daily, whether it be for banking, gaming, online payments, or anything else. We use them without keeping in mind the security issues that these apps may pose to our devices and data. This is where white-box cryptography comes to play, it encrypts all the sensitive data present in the app, to a code that cannot be accessed by hackers, making it more secure and convenient to use. Especially for net banking apps, where your card information along with passcode is stored, white-box cryptography plays a very important role in keeping the data secure & upright.
  • Medical services: You can see a lot of medical devices today, which help you in giving accurate data regarding your health and keeping a track of your data. These applications store your data through a cloud system & hence all of it gets collected in one place. Therefore, to ensure the safety of this data, white-box cryptography is very essential, since it encrypts all the data, and allows decryption in certain cases. Because, if this sensitive patient data gets exploited, it can lead to a huge loss.

All the above-mentioned applications explain the uses of white-box cryptography & how Appsealing can turn out to be beneficial for you.

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