What are Your Packaging Needs and How to Fulfil Them?

Two very important factors need to be grasped entirely for increased sales and, consequently, the success of your product. The first one is for you to understand the importance of packaging solutions and their role in the sale of your product, and the second one is for you to find one of the most suitable companies to cater to your packaging needs. This article shall not be elaborating on the importance of packaging solutions since it is well known by all thriving or ‘to be’ thriving companies. This article will concentrate on reviewing one of the best packaging and printing companies in the US. 

The Legacy Printing has gained a considerably prestigious reputation among all of the packaging and printing companies in the US. Of course, a verbal description might not do justice to the actual experience one might have with the company, whereas it might be enough to provide a gist. 

A company that puts consumer satisfaction as its topmost priority is how it gains a well-reputable image among its customers and, consequently, a long-term relationship with it. That is exactly what makes me claim that The Legacy printing is one of the best packaging and printing companies in the US. Some of the markers of this importance of customer satisfaction are:

  • Provision of free guidance to the clients regarding their packaging needs
  • Having an ‘unlimited revision’ policy in place to ensure the manufacture of the product exactly as desired by the client
  • A quality check policy is in place to ensure that the clients receive the best quality end products
  • Taking all sorts of orders, i.e., minimum (100 units) to bulk orders (over 100,000 units)

The company treats each product as a separate entity that needs research and continuous work to make the customized packaging boxes for each product up to mark. Let’s look at the remarkable services that the aforementioned company provides and how:

A Suitable Packaging Solution for Product Transportation:

Mailer boxes prove to be essential and one of the best packaging solutions in case of constant transportation. If a company is solely associated with transporting products or manufacturing products that need transportation, mailer boxes are their go-to options. That is because mailer boxes ensure that the products encased inside are not subjected to any harm or damage. The transportation occurs with ease, and the packaging also looks visually appealing. 

The company under review is highly regarded for its custom mailer boxes. There are a number of factors that these mailer boxes gain supremacy over those produced by other companies. Some of the defining characteristics of the custom mailer boxes made by the company are as follows:

  • Safety of product during transportation: The mailer boxes which are manufactured by cardboard by the company, are carefully designed in conformity with the product’s measurements. It proves to be a crucial task since the size of the mailer box and the product ultimately determine the product’s safety during transportation. Additionally, the design of these mailer boxes also incorporates a double-sided wall which adds to the durability and safety of the product encased inside.
  • Lightweight: The creatives team of the company pays much attention to the fact that the end product is lightweight. Since we have established before that mailer boxes are generally used when the products need constant transportation. Hence, the packaging solution for such products needs to cater to all of the factors associated with transportation. When a packaging box, like a mailer box, is lightweight, it makes the transportation and carries of the box much easier. Henceforth, making it more desirable. 
  • No need for additional packaging: Generally, such lightweight packaging solutions are perceived as requiring other packaging material. Mailer boxes are visually appealing and do not require any supplementary material to be packaged inside. Hence, it exempts the need for any additional packaging. 
  • Eco-friendly: The company has high regard for the environment. Therefore, it keeps on providing packaging solutions to eco-friendly clients. The mailer boxes manufactured by them are one such example. 

Two In One – Marketing and Packaging: 

Packaging solution like Product display boxes is used for the marketing and branding of a particular product, apart from being just another product in the market. Display boxes are seen increasing in number in places like supermarkets, convenience stores, or retail stores. That is because when a product is placed on a shelf, it does not stand in isolation. 

It is placed with a plethora of other products of the same nature but different origins. Therefore, companies who understood the importance of packaging knew that there was a need for additional packaging elements to make their product stand out. That is how the wide usage of a Product Display box began.

The aforementioned company excels in the production of one of the best display boxes. Since some specifications need catering when manufacturing display boxes, the company pays much importance to these specifications when designing the boxes. 

At the fore is the generation of intriguing and beguiling box prints. For this purpose, the creative team initially tries to understand the nature of the product thoroughly. This helps them to put forth ideas for the color palette that will be used on the box. The selection of the most befitting color palette comes with a need to create a visually appealing graphic illustration on the box that would appeal to the customers. The Graphic designers in the company are highly skilled in making designs coherent with the product. 

Selection of the right kind of display box for your product also serves to be a pivotal task. For example, if there is a whole shelf or a portion of the supermarket demarcated to display your product, a ‘Power wing’ display box is the efficient choice. The power wing boxes shall be attached to the shelves or the area given to your product. Hence, the customer is first lured in through the charming display boxes, and eventually, the probability of sales increase. 

Saving Your Company from Oversight or Failure:

Many statistics point out that emerging lip gloss companies have failed to make their mark in the market. The major reason behind such a failure was the inability of the companies to understand the packaging needs of lip gloss packaging. The lip gloss packaging vendors either have an incorrect size, provided inefficient designs, or sub-standard box prints. These shortcomings of the lip gloss packaging vendors ultimately ended up causing the particular lip gloss company to face failure in the market. 

Since the company aims to provide unique packaging solutions for a range of products, especially for the products that are unable to find suitable packaging solutions, they solved the dilemma of lip gloss packaging. 

The box manufacturers, having a flair for the manufacture of high-quality boxes in conformity with the design provided by the creatives team, paid specific heed to the ‘customization of size.’ As we have established before, the vendors were unable to get the size right. Hence, the company’s box manufacturers created perfectly befitting lip gloss boxes, despite the small size. 

High-quality printing is also a significant factor when you need lip gloss packaging boxes. The printing provided by the company being reviewed has prominent brand name printing, visible even from afar, and all the important details of the product displayed on the box. These details were quite readable and served the purpose of satisfying the customer.


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