What Can Give Relief to Cough and Cold Attacks?

When you find out that you are down with cough and cold what is the first that comes to your mind? Mostly you would prefer to have antibiotics, first. If that is the case, then you do not need to have those tasteless medicines anymore. This is because the most effective ingredient is present in your kitchen and that can help you to get rid of cough and cold within no time.

Many research have been conducted that highlights how honey is considered to be a more effective remedy. It needs to be consumed just a spoon and this item which is a rich source of nutrition can surely help you to get away from cold, cough, flu, etc.

Additionally, there are also many medicines available in the market which claims to treat cough and cold with no time. However, Vascof Cough Syrup is one of the leading ayurvedic cough syrup.  Here is how this cough syrup helps you to get rid and also improves your immune system. This can be also considered a reliable cough syrup for kids too. It consists of various natural extracts and herbs like Adusa, Mulethi, Tulsi, Kali Mirich, Adarak, Lavang, Lahsun, Pudina, Navsadar which are really effective and also does not lead to any side effects.

1. Improves Immunity:

Vascof Cough Syrup has a good amount of antioxidants and antibacterial elements, that can help keep away from certain kinds of health issues by boosting your immunity. Moreover, this ayurvedic cough syrup consists of antioxidants that can flush out all the free radicals which can be a reason to put a bad impact on your immunity.

2. Remedy for children:

Though children can also develop the same kind of coughs so as adults. There have been instances that some children tend in developing a type of cough frequently. To get rid of this there is a cough syrup for kids, Vascof Cough Syrup which can help to treat the child with just 1⁄2 teaspoon 3 times a day. It is recommended that it only be given once consulted with a physician.

3. Easy home treatment:

The simple home treatment which can be done to protect your upper respiratory system from infections is by getting rest, drink fluids, and lukewarm water. Moreover, gargle with lukewarm saltwater that can prevent you from sore throats. Along, with these remedies ensure you are having ayurvedic, Vascof Cough Syrup post your consultation with your physician. This can help you to have a fast recovery.

4. Reduces inflammation:

Honey consists of a good amount of glucose as well as fructose that can help reduce the inflammation in the throat. Additionally, it also has antiseptic elements that can help to prevent infection as it does not cause any side effects. With regular use, it enables to reduce swelling or any kind of bacterial infection.

Cough and cold can turn out to be scary and that can lead to choking at times. Otherwise, if it is possible for a person who can cough, they are helping in passing off some amount of air released from the respiratory system. In numerous cases, it is observed cough is mostly cleared on its own. Though there are chronic coughs observed in children more than adults. Hence with the regular dosage suggested by the physician, Vascof Cough Syrup can work wonders.

You can check out the wide range of Ayurvedic medicines which has been made out of the nest of nature. Don’t forget to recommend to your family and friends. However, it is advisable to consume only after consulting your physician.


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