What can you do to make Mother’s Day 2020 special?

Before we start with Mother’s Day 2020, let us address the fact that there should be no specific day to acknowledge your mother’s hard work and show her love.

Every day should be as special as Mother’s Day. However, due to our busy and often detached lifestyle, we fail to spend some time with her and make her feel special. So let us make 10th of May, 2020 count and make the day special for mom.

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This year we will be celebrating Mother’s Day in lockdown in most parts of the world. So it rules out the options like a short trip or dining outside. Instead, ParentsMaster provides you with some of the ways to celebrate this special day indoors with unique memorial gifts ideas.

Care from the distance

This is especially for those who are stuck in another part of the country or the world and cannot be with their mother due to the lockdown. We feel your pain as well as your mother’s.

Make her day special by making a call (preferably a video call) and spending ample time with her. Trust us when we say that this will brighten up her entire day. Talk about your favorite topics, reminiscence about your childhood, tell her about your day, but do not forget to remind her how much you love her.

The perfect cake

A cake is quintessential for any celebration. So why let lockdown get in the way. Wear your chef hat and gather the ingredients.

If you have no experience in the process then take help from online videos or collaborate with your mother herself in the process. The ingredients to make a cake are easily available in households.

So bake it and make sure she has the first bite. Don’t forget to smear the cream on her cheeks.

A card goes a long way

Yes, a card is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts. Many of us get a bit awkward when expressing how much we love our mom.

So write it down. Write about how she makes you feel special, how you learn from her every day, about her funny little habits you find annoying. The smile that will appear on her face when reading would be priceless, so keep your camera ready as well.

Take charge of the day’s cooking

Most of our mothers are toiling their days in the kitchen during the lockdown with little to no complaints. So why not give her a day on this special day.

Check online for some of the best Mother’s Day recipes and select an ideal one. Gather the ingredients and start cooking. Serve her the meal hot and do take her feedback positively. Likely, she won’t complain regardless of how the meal turns out, so give her a big hug afterward as well.

Mother’s Day 2020 should be your gift to your mother so far. Put in the effort and do not be lazy about it. After all, a smile on her face is all we want to see at the end of the day. So devote time for that and it is a guarantee that the day would be special for her as well as for you.



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