What is Biohacking?- The myths unfolded

Biohacking refers to the body undergoing changing chemistry and physiology with the involvement of science and self-experimentation with the desire to attain increased energy and vitality. The concept constantly evolves and describes various tips and tricks for enhancing the body’s ability to give out peak performance, especially in terms of extending one’s lifespan.

Certain modalities of biohacking seem extreme. However, there are forms like meditation and intermittent fasting that are time-tested.

A detailed overview of Biohacking and its types 

Biohacking involves the practice of employing methods from fields like biology, genetics, neuroscience and nutrition. The goal is the achievement of enhanced physical or mental performance and well-being. Besides, the utilisation of biohacking serves the purpose of achieving a specific and desired health outcome.

Types of Biohacking are as follows: 

Regardless of the tactic used, biohacking finds application with the goal of enhancing biology. The categories and possibilities for biohacking are numerous.

  • Lifestyle

Lifestyle biohacking focuses on making positive health and behaviour choices. Besides, it also serves the purpose of embracing ways of life, activating the biology of performance and longevity. In this regard, it can be said that lifestyle serves as one of the most accessible ways to experience biohacking. The factors that play a vital role include dietary shifts, meditation, breathwork, and exercise.

  • Molecular

Molecular biohacking is based on the use of natural and synthetic molecules, helping shift one’s biology. People take into consideration using supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and peptides that fall into this biohacking category. Biologics are cellular or biological products to improve or enhance biology and could be small information packets like exosomes.

  • Technology

Technology Biohacks are numerous, and some of the most used ones include devices like wearables. Smartwatches are working as technology biohacks, and there are also other entities like diagnostics, including blood sugar monitors. Biohacking uses technology to gather data about the body, letting the individual use that information to adjust their health for improved performance. Advanced machines like hyperbaric chambers or electromagnetic stimulators are necessary for rapid physiological changes or healing.

The vital question – Is Biohacking Safe?

There have been several queries regarding the safety of Biohacking. Since biohacking is an “ahead of the science,” technology, people aren’t always willing to accept it. 

There has been a concern due to the lack of scientific oversight of genetic biohacking and DIY science procedures. But what shouldn’t be forgotten is that biohacking can be safe when approached with safety in mind. However, one must be cautious about approaching biohacking with caution relying on evidence-based information. Besides, there must be involvement in consulting with health care professionals. One of the most unique, safe, and effective ones is Modalit — a wakefulness-promoting medication that contains 100% modafinil as its active ingredient.

Answering yet another query – Does biohacking work?

Nutrigenomics “hack” your biology by decreasing your risk of developing a disease. Besides, it is also beneficial for helping achieve physical, mental, or emotional changes. The approach is highly applicable when one wishes to attain an optimized bodily function.

Regarding DIY bio and grinder biohacking, it can be said that numerous examples suggest that these improved and proven technologies have resulted in their intended outcomes. However, humans shouldn’t forget that experimenting on or modifying the human body can have dangerous or fatal consequences. DIY biohacking also turns out to be tricky if not trained. There are complications in the manner that one suffers exposure to harmful biological agents causing health problems. Implanting foreign objects into the body exposes you to inflammatory reactions responsible for chronic infections, increasing your risk of developing cancer.

Final words

Biohacking refers to incremental changes that the human body and lifestyles undergo, including taking supplements and using wearable technology. Biohacking has produced effective results and is also highly beneficial with applications of nutrigenomics.


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