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What To Look For in A Good Stroller Storage Capacity?

In the endless quest for great stroller storage ideas, parents often overlook one of the most important factors: what is in it for them? While we all know that a good stroller can provide many benefits and comfort to infants and children alike, that does not mean we have to sacrifice convenience for functionality. 

After all, you will still want your child’s safety, comfort, and mobility to be top priority. However, if storage for your child’s necessities is at the forefront of your mind and you are also considering purchasing the best stroller model, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. 

Apart from checking out stroller considerations, it is important to know what to look for in a good stroller storage capacity before purchasing a stroller. 

The 5 Quick Factors To Consider

Here are some of the best stroller storage tips available to help you find the perfect solution to your storage needs.

Is The Storage Basket Large Enough?

The number one consideration when looking for the best stroller storage system is the space it provides. The size and dimensions of your strollers are a big factor in determining the ideal storage solution for your baby gear. Usually, bigger, bulkier strollers like the jogging strollers tend to have a huge storage basket underneath but not necessarily so for every model. 

If you have a small stroller and wish to cover more ground with it, you might want to think about purchasing a stroller that allows for a larger capacity storage unit, or opt for extra storage space with stroller organizers.

Is The Stroller Basket Deep Enough to Contain Your Items Well?


Some storage baskets come with drawstring that is great for making sure its content stays inside securely. 

Another thing to consider is the depth of the stroller’s storage system. This is especially important if you keep a lot of baby’s accessories underneath the stroller seat. You would want a deep enough storage, yet you also want the storage basket to be easily accessible front and back of stroller. 

Bonus given if the storage basket has a cover or drawstring mechanism to keep its content well to avoid having items coming out during trips outside. You wouldn’t want to keep having to pick up after things on the street when you have a baby to care for as well.

Does The Stroller Come With Convenient Features Like Cup Holders and Trays?

You will also want to make sure that the stroller meets your needs. Many parents choose the best stroller storage ideas that meet the basic needs of their infant and toddler while allowing them easy access to all of their favorite accessories and compartments. 

These systems can often come with a wide variety of cup holders, snack trays, drink holders and other convenient features, which will enable you to optimize the use of your stroller. Depending on the type of stroller you need for your family size, for example, a double stroller for two kids, you may want to consider models that have two sets of cup holders and snack trays for each child.

Can You Easily Wash The Stroller Basket?

Some stroller baskets may be difficult to dismantle from the stroller, and this can be a pain when you finally decide to give the storage area a good cleaning. It’s easier if you opt for a stroller frame with removable parts. Also, look into the stroller basket material whether it is durable enough to withstand the stroller cleaning. You may need to exercise care when dealing with mesh baskets, but fabric ones will allow you to work slightly rougher.

Can You Easily Get A Storage Replacement?

Not every stroller has storage basket replacements, so do check with the stroller company if replacements are available. 

While we expect our stroller’s storage basket to last as long as the stroller, accidents may happen and you may require a replacement storage instead. You will need to ask yourself, is it easy to find a storage basket replacement for this particular stroller model? This is because not every stroller model offers replacement parts or that they may have limited replacement parts. 

It may seem like a redundant consideration, but it’s good to check before you go ahead and purchase a stroller for your child.


It is important to remember that good stroller storage can make your stroller trips with your little ones happier and less stressful. In fact, with some careful research, you can purchase a stroller with great storage capacity that is highly functional and yet affordable.

Hope this simple guide helps you get a better idea on what to look for or consider as good stroller storage capacity!

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