What You Need To Know About Preparing Your Home For Removalists?


The excitement of moving over to a new apartment or location may become unpleasant if you don’t take the time to plan your packing. Yeah, most times, moving companies are on the ground to assist you in moving your belongings, but you have a critical role to play in ensuring that your goods are secure and properly arranged.

Moving to a new place involves much stress and challenges, but careful planning can make the exercise more accessible, less stressful, and more convenient. This article will guide you on how to prepare your home for removalists.

Make an Action Plan

Moving is an arduous task. You need to engage it squarely. You’ve set aside a particular day for your move before the removalists come. Before that very day, make an action plan about how the move will be. A day or two before the move is excellent for preparing for the great move.

An action plan will help prevent frustration on your part. Even though you’ve taken the move date, your action plan will help you determine what you should do and when. It includes if you’d need assistance from friends, neighbours, or close relatives. Preparing ahead of this day is essential and makes a move smooth.

Create a List of Items to Move

It would help if you made an inventory of your household items. The idea is not to suggest that some things may need to be included but to help you get organized. It will amaze you that you will need the inventory when you arrive and unpack your items.

While making a list of your things, include things belonging to your spouse and kids (where applicable). Note the quantity of each item, in case some items may be more than one, such as pairs of shoes, number of boxes and bags, etc.

Wash Your Clothes and Other Daily Needs

This may seem ludicrous, but it is essential. Washing your clothes allows you to free yourself when you arrive at your new home. You want to avoid adding the stress of washing your clothes to the ones you already went through during the packing process.

Save yourself some energy by relaxing with your family in your new home. It shows that you’re an organized and articulate person.

Arrange Items for Easy Identification

One area of confusion when you arrive at a new destination is to start looking for everything everywhere. If you’re using cartons or boxes, properly mark them to keep things from mixing up. Arrange like-things together.

Label Items in boxes or cartons. This will help you sort out things and identify where you fix each belonging. For example, you can pack clothes that belong to you and your spouse. Pack the children’s clothes together. Toys and other playthings can go together in one place. This will ensure that you include everything.

Identify Fragile and Breakable Items

To safeguard your fragile belongings, put them together and mark them as “fragile”. This will ensure that anyone carrying such a box or cartoon will quickly identify it as such. Safely secure all your fragile and easily destructible items.

When the movers come and begin to pack the items, they can handle them with care and ensure their safety. You can keep your glasses and other delicate items in a specific box so they don’t get broken when moving.

Dismantle, Disconnect and Offload Heavy Items

To make it easier for the movers, dismantle large items in your house. Remove your furniture, beds, and any large and heavy equipment.

Disconnect all electrical appliances before the arrival of the removalists. Remove any frozen items, drinks, water, and vegetables from your refrigerator and keep them safe. You may need them immediately when you arrive at your new home.

Keep Some Essential Items Handy

Surely, you’d need some essentials the moment or day you arrive. Essential items such as towels, beddings, toothbrushes and paste, sponges, creams, etc., are some of the things that must be handy. You can pack them in a bag and carry them along with you.

Some processed and canned food and easy-to-prepare meals should be handy because you’ll need them on arrival. Keep personal belongings within reach.


Double-Check your House Before Departure

Before you start the move:

  1. Double-check that everything is in place.
  2. Lock your boxes and bags securely.
  3. Cross-check with your inventory list to be sure that your details are correct.

Check the labelled items to be sure that each box/bag is correctly and efficiently identified. Sometimes you will suddenly discover that you need to label your boxes correctly. Do something like crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s.

Leave a Note Behind

Funny enough, you may think you’re leaving for good but need to know that the next occupant of your apartment may need to contact you for an emergency or an inquiry about something.

Leave a note behind. Include your phone numbers and any contact email address. You will be happy you did.


Moving to a new home or location can come with some huge costs. You must ensure you count the cost and determine what you can afford. Your budget is key to how you offset the bills from the removalists.

Moving to a new home allows you to throw away unwanted and unused items in the home. Some things that have occupied spaces in the house can be done away with. It’s time to declutter.




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