Which a PDF Software Built for Better Business?

Portable document format software is a kit tool that helps you merge text, images, markup, edit, modify and share sensitive information that could be easily distorted if the style is altered.

For a business to remain relevant and maintain its competitive advantage against other businesses, It must embrace technological advancement. Attracting customers and clients to your business yields a short-term advantage while maintaining a long-term connection with them lays a strong foundation for your business.

Embracing technology in creating and handling business documents builds rapport with customers and makes communication easy. PDF editor and software form a basis for creating, editing, and reading business documents.

Your business needs PDF editing software devising and correcting files. Whether choosing a toolkit for your business, it’s vital to consider its compatibility with the device you’re using. With that said, let’s go straight to the top 10 software tools that you can modify, fill, sign, and export files to MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel for your business.

Elements or features to Consider when Choosing a PDF Software

If you’re looking for the best software for your business in the market, we have prepared a list of top 10 software that can help boost your business in 2022one-time.

Foxit PDF Editor

With this software, you can modify, merge, create, view, edit, share, export, and organize documents. This toolkit is one of the best PDF editors with a platform of all features. It blends multimedia and multilingual options and files forms and documents for your business.

Foxit is easy to use and has an advanced portable editing feature where users can comment, edit and put their documents in order. Here is a summary of Foxit features

  • Can create and convert files
  • Can edit portable documents
  • Has to review and share features for portable documents.
  • Has PDF security features to protect business information
  • Has connected features which enable document tracking and notification update
  • It has a free PDF editor

Foxit PDF editor goes for a $179 one-time license. You can get a $16.99 annual subscription.

PDFElement 6

PDF Element is easy to use the software. Performs many functions such as creating and converting portable documents, annotation, and keeping financial documents secure. It is simple to use and allows all workers in a business to work with it. Element 6 has the best PDF editor. Here is an outline of its features;

  • Easy to use and therefore applicable to all business employees
  • Has security feature and therefore protect user information
  • Has fillable forms that could be edited
  • Has file size optimization features
  • Has page formatting features such as watermarks, headers, and font style
  • Allows for annotation and comments
  • It is compatible with windows and mac

You can acquire PDF professionals at  $99.95. The standard version goes for $55.95 and has basic features for your business.

Fine Reader PDF for Windows and Mac

Fine reader PDF is software made to boost your business output. It offers simple-to-operate tools to help alter, merge and modify documents and other files. A fine reader may help retrieve, share, edit and collaborate different documents for your business.

Fine reader software has an artificial intelligence OCR which enables it to digitize documents. Here is a summary of its features.

  • Help create and convert portable files.
  • Help compare documents in different formats.
  • Could edit, collaborate, and keep documents secure
  • Can digitize documents with AI and OCR
  • It has a PDF editor for mac

Fine reader toolkit for windows and mac goes for $299 for a one-time license. with this toolkit

Nitro PDF Productivity

Nitro productivity is simple to use and has customer support. Nitro has a PDF text editor that breaks down large files shared through bookmarks and page numbers into portable files.  Nitro Pro has OCR technology which aids it in editing scanned documents and images.

Nitro productivity 10 enables the creation, storage, sharing, and management of data from a depository position which builds customer trust and improves relationships. Features of nitro pro are:

  • Can create portable documents and combine files
  • Can convert portable documents to and from files
  • It has an easy to use online PDF editor
  • You could use it to apply and request electronic signatures
  • Keeps PDFs secure using password protection and asking for permission to portable files

Small PDF

This toolkit is the best all-in-one PDF editor for PC. You can modify, sign, fill, compress, edit and convert portable files on your PC  or android for free. With 21 tools, a small PDF makes creating and updating documents easier.  Here is what you will get for your business when you acquire a small PDF

  • Desktop applications such as the PDF editor app
  • The number of documents you could edit is unlimited
  • Security of e-signatures and customer support
  • Unlimited number of users with file storage on cloud
  • Allows no ads on the app while working on your files

You may acquire a small portable software at a subscription of $ 9 annually

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is among the earliest PDF editors to come to the surface. You may edit, compress, convert and do annotation using this editor. Here is an outline of what you will get from this software;

  • Multiple conversion of business documents
  • Business data processing and extraction
  • You could add new information to the existing one (update)
  • You can collect e-signatures with acrobat
  • Compatibility for windows and Mac
  • An online PDF editor for your business documents

You can acquire Adobe Acrobat for your business at a $299 one time license

Adobe Acrobat DC Professional

This is an advanced version of Adobe Acrobat and may allow you to create, edit, convert and compress documents on Adobe DC and store them in the cloud.

With Adobe DC, you can edit two documents and make comparisons. The OCR feature in this software allows you to collect e-signatures from many devices and edit PDF files online.

The unlimited version of Adobe Acrobat DC Professional goes for $499. You can get it at a monthly subscription of $14.99.

Nuance Power PDF Advanced

Nuance has an easy PDF editor with simple icons and options. The OCR technology enables Nuance to edit scanned images. With this software, you can;

  • Convert portable files to excel
  • Merge documents
  • Create and convert portable files to word
  • Keep your documents secure through voice recognition
  • Your intuitive interface offering customer support

You can purchase Nuance power PDF at $149 per user one-time license

Tracker PDF Xchange Pro

With this toolkit, you can edit, create, convert, and perform common document PDF tasks. It is compatible with Windows and only offers you a free trial to edit PDF files online for one month.

Tracker files use an office ribbon interface that is non-familiar to most users. You need to use more than one app when creating business files with a tracker.

You can purchase this software at a $ 94 one-time license.

PDF Filler by Air Slate

This software allows you to edit PDF online free. It works with Dropbox and can create, edit, share and sign documents electronically.

The basic version of Air slate goes for $8 per user, while the premium version goes for$15 per user per month. You can also purchase the enterprise version at $180 per year per user.


If you’re looking for software built for your business that will enable you to edit PDF files and share them on the cloud, look no further because is here for you. Our mark-up tools and smart kit editing will aid you in document and image annotation, review of text, shapes, images, signatures, and comments from your browser.

Your choice of portable kit software for your business depends on the size of the enterprise, the number of users, and the software features. At Lumin, we will gladly guide you on the best software for your business in 2022!






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