Which Features Make Cerner EMR an Excellent Choice for Medical Practices?

Cerner is one of the most well-known medical technology firms in North America. Cerner EMR software has been a user favourite for over 4 decades in some circumstances. What makes Cerner EHR such a popular choice for many people is its features. All the features Cerner EHR offers are very well structured and designed. In this article, we’ll go over a few features in Cerner EMR that we recommend you check out during a Cerner EHR demo. For Cerner EMR cost or pricing plans, you can simply contact the vendor. Now let’s move forward and talk about the top features of Cerner EHR

Top Features of Cerner EHR Software

Client Portal

HealtheLifeSM, a Cerner client portal, is a web-based platform that improves the interaction between medical systems and their patients. It combines the typical characteristics of a client portal with interactive elements to assist clients to monitor their health more effectively. Clients can use this tool to seek refills, send messages, obtain diagnostic data, and browse for evidence-based material on over 3,000 subjects to help them learn more. According to Cerner Evaluation, the client portal can be utilized to alert clients when vaccine doses or shots are due or delayed. Furthermore, it can be utilized to keep a client’s medical record up-to-date with vaccines received outside of a specific practice.

Patient Scheduling

Cerner Scheduling Management streamlines the consultation scheduling procedure within a medical unit or practice by combining centralized and decentralized bookings. It handles appointment scheduling among several healthcare facilities, whether they are separate or interconnected. Users may quickly arrange a sequence of meetings and handle several institutions’ calendars. It assists them in validating medical necessity at numerous points in the process, as well as avoiding the potentially harmful meeting and process encounters. This feature lets you make amendments to the appointments which is great. Overall, this feature helps immensely in improving clinical efficiency.

Sepsis Surveillance

The St. John Sepsis Surveillance tool, introduced by Cerner Company in 2010, leverages cloud services and the finest research to hunt for and act on individuals who are in danger of sepsis before they are detected. The technique improves the accuracy of assessing the risk of mortality, allowing for an earlier clinical choice. Computerised alert warning and surveillance abilities of this sepsis medical decision support platform are included. It’s a proven method for early disease identification in high-risk individuals, as well as a solid alarm system for physician uptake that can save lives.

Cerner’s Sepsis Agent algorithm consistently monitors a medical program’s whole client population. Its whole supervision analyzes a client’s heartbeat, temperature, blood glucose, and other vital signs, providing a warning to the medical team if they go outside of acceptable limits. This instrument is already in use in about 550 institutions across the United States, and its global value is growing.

Health Analytics

Cerner offers information to assist organisations to enhance medical, societal, and budgetary health plans by assisting users in identifying ongoing operational and long-term improvements. Medical centres, corporations, insurers, and the state can all benefit from its complete analytic solutions. It takes conceptualising data-backed programs, pushing meaningful, interactive analytic findings to doctors, and handling policy and regulatory constraints to create this data-driven environment.

Users can develop, implement, and evaluate analytics-based tactical goals to guarantee that inconsistencies are minimised and redundant processes are reduced. These analytics systems use normalised and consolidated data from many sources across the healthcare continuum. This is to aid in decision-making and conduct analyses tailored to the objectives and goals of a practice

Workflow Documentation

Cerner makes recordkeeping and charting simpler and more effective by providing voice control, auto type, narration, and speech-to-text tools. Any pertinent patient records, such as diagnosis or drugs, are instantly included. A clinically-driven paperwork development plan is also included, as well as options for both medical and budgetary processes. Users can effectively integrate front and back-office processes by obtaining the precision needed to enable coding operations. They do all of this by implementing a documentation strategic plan within a health system. This provides better integration and a revenue cycle that is guided by medical data.

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is a critical tool that enables you to stay on top of your money, which is particularly crucial if you run a solo practice. At the end of the day, your healthcare professional is a means of money for you and possibly others. This involves knowing how you’re doing financially and having processes in place to assist you to maximise your revenue and recover money, which is a necessary element of the job!

Customizable built-in Templates

A decent template can cut the time it takes you to collect patient information in half. Nobody likes their doctor to be constantly writing down notes while they try to speak to them. For this reason, Cerner EHR has a customizable templates feature. This is because your appointment should not, in theory, be collecting data. With Cerner EMR, you can use templates that the program has built specifically to help you save time when writing patient notes. This allows you to spend more time connecting with patients and appraising their cases besides just making medical choices during appointments, saving you time.

What do Current Users Say About Cerner EHR?

Cerner EMR reviews show that the program is extremely popular among users. On most sources, the program has an overall average of over 3.5 stars. This demonstrates that the software is widely used by people. The feedback has been overwhelmingly favourable, with many users praising the software’s various features! We’re confident you’ll receive a hands-on experience with these features during your Cerner EMR demo. The demo will eventually help you make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts!

You should look at Cerner EMR reviews and comments on a variety of social media sites. This will help you understand if health systems are satisfied with the software. The information gathered will reveal how many people have had good and bad experiences with the solution. With that knowledge, you should be able to make a well-informed purchase that you will not regret.


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