Which Flowers Are Most Popular to Order Online?

We all have special occasions in our lives that we want to celebrate. Sometimes we want to show our appreciation for someone, other times we want to show how much we care. A bouquet is deemed an ideal way to showcase all these emotions. But with so many types of flowers, how do you choose which ones to order?

In fact, according to a report by The National Retail Federation, 26% of people say they would like to receive flowers as a gift. And with the rise of online flower delivery services, it’s quite easy to send flowers to those you care about. Here’s a list of flowers that are most popular to order online:


Roses remain a popular choice for gifting, and it’s no wonder why. They’re classic, romantic, and come in varying colors. You want to ensure the occasion is appropriate before gifting roses, as they can also convey different messages. For instance, red roses are typically given for romantic occasions, while white roses have been associated with purity.


This is a popular choice for flowers, especially around springtime. They’re known for their brightly colored petals and simple beauty. Tulips are often given as a symbol of love but can also be given as a sign of appreciation or friendship. People who often give tulips as gifts also say they’re ideal for “just because” moments, such as to brighten someone’s day.


Lilies come in multiple colors and sizes, making them a preferred choice for many occasions. They’re often seen as a symbol of purity, innocence, and beauty. Lilies can be given as a standalone gift or added to a bouquet of other flowers. And while they’re most often given as gifts for special occasions, they can also be a thoughtful way to show sympathy.


People often give orchids as gifts for special occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays, and are also a popular choice for corporate events and as thank-you gifts. Orchids are often seen as a symbol of luxury and refinement, making them a great way to show your appreciation for someone.


Sunflowers have long been associated with happiness, positivity, and good luck. Their bright yellow petals make them the perfect way to add a pop of color to any bouquet and are often given as standalone gifts or added to other flower arrangements.


For anyone who needs a budget-friendly option to make their statement, daisies are a great choice. They’re cheerful and come in a wide range of colors such as white, pink, and yellow, making them perfect for any occasion. Daisies are also a symbol of innocence and purity, making them a favored choice for baby showers.


You want to ensure the occasion is appropriate and that the flowers you select match the message you’re trying to convey. Roses, tulips, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, and daisies are all popular choices for flowers. But ultimately, the best way to choose flowers is to pick the ones that you think your loved one will appreciate the most.


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