Which Resources Are Available For Android App Development?

Can you guess how many people own a smartphone in America? The percentage is staggering eighty percent, meaning every 4 in five people own an android phone. These phones provide endless features which are based on launching applications.

What does a mobile app development company seek, you ask?

Java and XML are the two programming languages in android application development. Therefore, a developer will overcome programming languages. Its mastery is required pre-hand to develop an android application.

Android App Development Essentials

Coding/Development Knowledge

We shall drive down the road of Java programming essentials that are necessary for application development.

  • Packages
  • Object and classes
  • Strings and numbers, generics,
  • Concurrency
  • Collections

A developer or the developing platform must understand the criteria mentioned earlier for successful application development. A robust approach of Java and XML will result in a secure and user-friendly application. It will surely be elegant, no doubt about it.

Compatible Tools and Environment

For an android application to be successful, it must be developed on a relevant platform. Consider the application of a house, which is likely to sink or crumble if the foundation has not been laid correctly. Therefore, the developers must be familiar with the development tools and whether or not their integration is correct for the application. There are many tools for application development that we will learn later in the article.

While some development tools will teach you about the basics and code, others will empower you to manage builds. The developers will also learn about source tools and concepts necessary for app development.

Components related to application development

An application component is not a blank canvas. It is based on building blocks, where each block is a gateway for the system to launch the application. Each building block exists in its own capacity with its individual responsibilities. However, the modules depend on each other to work.

  • The Activities block displays a single screen with user information. The interfaces are linked together while being independent at the same time.
  • The Service block runs like a background dancer or a backup singer. Their work is not on the forefront display while fully operating in the background. The services block does not have a user interface either.
  • Content provider block provides the application data. The block is responsible for storing data on the web or in the file system. The content provider can even be modified too. The data stored on this module is entirely private.
  • The broadcast recovery module provides you with notifications on the screen or notification panel. Such types of modules are usually called entrants with very minimal coding.
  • The activating component will bind all the modules mentioned above together. It will help the developers identify where the problems lay, so they are rearranged for a smooth-running application.

Compatibility, Fragmentation, and threads

An android operating system is available on numerous devices with many different versions. Therefore, if your application accommodates all versions and devices, there will be a lot of maintenance and testing. The scenario is also true if the circumstances were reversed.

The application will require different layouts, user interface sizes, and fonts. The resource also includes adopting sensors and other options. Fragmentation or categorizing threads results in a successful application.

Deciding on the right tools

A company will use Mac, Windows, Linux, or PC for app development. The process begins with installing an application guide and creating the necessary environment for development. The platform must facilitate parameters required by android. Therefore, they must be considered when creating an application.

  • The mobile application must be responsive within five seconds of the input. Otherwise, it will stop responding where the only escape is to force stop the application.
  • The modules must never be blocked. The mobile application will work successfully when they are linked.
  • The application must not over-consume its features. There should be a limitation on the coding that stops the application from draining the phone, such as GPS features.

The best resources for app development

Now that we have learned about the basics of mobile application development let us present a few platforms that will accommodate the parameters mentioned above and features.

  • Android Studio has been developed by Google, so it is automatically at the top of the list. The platform is available to build Windows, Linus, and macOS applications. It supports Java, C, C++, and Kotlin.
  • AVD Manager is built inside the Android Studio. It means Android Virtual Device and is employed in testing the application virtually. AVD has a hardware profile, appearance, system image, and storage area.
  • Android Jetpack may sound like the future, but in reality, it is a collection of development tools created by Google. It provides the necessary modules for application development. Furthermore, it also comes with package libraries to assist release on different Android platforms.
  • IntelliJ Idea is Java-based Android support. It was created by Jet Brains to provide intelligent features such as code completion and refactoring tools. The platform also provides a community tab for unified learning.
  • AIDE means Android IDE. It will aid in constructing applications for Android tablets or phones. The application assists in writing the code, running the code, and debugging it for a smooth transition. The application is available easily on Google Play Store.
  • B4A stands for Basic for Android. Cute, right? The platform helps develop applications in the most fundamental programming language. The platform is not advanced, so it is easiest for beginners who are just starting out.
  • Lastly, we present Stetho. The platform was developed by Facebook, which connects the application to Google chrome. Stetho provides plugins and inspection tools to help the developers visualize the application coding and interface.

Time for a close

Mobile application development is a very challenging and complex phase. However, future issues can be minimized by employing a compatible platform. GBKSOFT offers web development with real-time updates to facilitate intelligent minds. It has an incredibly interactive interface to provide detailed business logic. Furthermore, GBKSOFT is an expert in data migration and auditing the internal infrastructure for a successful application.



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