Which Season Is Ideal For Hot Tubbing?


We’re all familiar with the fact that swimming pools are associated with summertime. When it comes to hot tubs, it seems there are conflicting opinions about hot tubbing. Here’s what you need to know about hot tubbing in every season, so you can decide for yourself.

Winter: Warming Up In The Hot Tub Comes At A Cost

When the weather is cold outside, many would enjoy relaxing in the warm water, even if they need to rush inside after they get out, to avoid getting sick, However, hot tubbing in winter comes with its challenges, because even the best inflatable hot tub or the highest quality inground spa won’t be guaranteed to work beyond the ambient temperature of -40ºF, which can be a problem for areas with extremely cold climate. Of course, there are ways around this, such as adding insulation to the unit or keeping the entire hot tub set up indoors. 

Spring: Great Way To Relax And Open Up Your Sinuses

It always seems that people either love or hate spring. Those who love it, do so because it is the season where everything blooms and the weather is nice – not too hot and not too cold. But people with allergies find themselves sniffing with blocked sinuses. Well, a hot tub is the perfect solution to help clear nasal congestion, due to the steam released from the hot water. If you add aromatherapy (eucalyptus), you can make the most or your hot tubbing experience.

Summer: Maybe Don’t Turn On The Heating Element

Hot water and hot weather don’t mix well, and most people will prefer cooling off in a swimming pool during the summer months. If you still want to experience the bubbly massage of a hot tub, you could simply turn off the heating unit. Inflatable hot tubs are better for this purpose because they can function as a small pool due to their design (which is free of the contours that traditional hot tubs have). 

Fall: The Perfect Way To Get Cosy Is In A Hot Tub

We think that the fall is the best time of the year to get a warm soak in your hot tub, because the weather is chilly enough for the hot water to be comfortable and cosy. Also, the weather is usually not cold enough to make the hot tub heating element malfunction, so no drastic measures need to be taken in order to ensure the water gets heated up.

In the end,  the season you prefer to go hot tubbing can be highly subjective. So you’d have to try for yourself and decide. Regardless of the season you opt to get into a hot tub, you should always observe safety precautions to avoid any problems. Make sure your hot tub is sanitized and the pH level of the water is neutral, to avoid any skin irritation. The bubbly water is bound to relax your body and help you destress. Many people who own a hot tub quickly become addicted to using it daily, throughout the year. 


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