Why do burger boxes need to be eye-appealing

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people tend to buy your product on the basis of its appearance? You didn’t? Not to worry, as this is the guide to having the best burger boxes. Does the fast-food industry also have to offer perfect packaging to appeal to its customers? Aren’t they about having the most consistent food quality? Well, fast-food restaurants are well-known for their food quality, but good restaurants are also known for having the perfect packaging! But the question remains still why do they need to have eye-appealing packaging? Well, let’s find out why!

Why do fast-food outlets need custom burger boxes?

As I have mentioned above in the article, ninety-nine percent of your customers tend to buy your product if it pleases them aesthetically. But that is not the only case. In addition, you can maintain your food quality by using a burger box. As you may be familiar with the humidor level of a burger. A burger needs to be in the temperature of between 160 to 165 Farheneight to stay fresh. Therefore, having custom packaging boxes can enable these options for you! Customization is a process in which you are able to have packaging as per your desire. But before I explain how burger packaging is custom-made. Let’s learn about how burgers cook at first.

A glimpse of cooking a burger:

Burger cooking is a process whereby the beef molds are heated in the grill. The beef is then poured with a large quantity of oil and fry it on high heat. The purpose of this is to get the right texture and consistency of the burgers. You should also remember that the burgers tend to dry out fairly quickly when they are in the heat. They lose their moisture, which leads to shrinkage of their volume!

But how do you maintain the moisture content of the burger?

Well, maintaining moisture in your burger isn’t as difficult as it may seem. However, you must ensure that your burgers don’t lose their water when heated to high temperatures. And for that, we have a process called aging.

Aging is the process of storing burgers for a considerable amount of time to let the natural juices in your burgers stay in them. On cooling down, your burgers also become more flavorful. But how do you achieve that?

It is vital to keep them under a specific temperature and humidity level. Moreover, you need to age your burgers properly by keeping them at a temperature and moisture level that suits the type of burger you are selling! And for this, you may use bespoke burger packaging.

Now when you know all about the burger, let’s move on to its packaging!

Why is customization necessary?

Customization is one of the vital steps in the art of marketing. Customization can do many things for you, such as allowing you to create packaging that shows that you care about your customer. Have you ever examined the packaging of Mcdonald’s? Mcdonald’s uses a packaging technique that enables them to show their love to their customers! So, when you personalize your packaging, you will also be able to communicate with your packaging. Hence, using custom boxes can help you to achieve more than you can think. And some of them are below:

Selection of material:

In order to plan for your design, you will have to consider the type of material and its properties. Some materials also have their own advantages in different situations. For instance, aluminum foil is an excellent choice because it is waterproof. On the other hand, the paper that comes in a heavy card stock tends to tear easily. And many firms use cardboard boxes for their burgers.

Why are cardboard boxes beneficial?

Cardboard boxes are excellent because they are sturdy and cost-efficient. They are also environmentally friendly, which means you can use them in any way, and it won’t harm mother Earth. Custom burger boxes tailor-made out of cardboard are well-known for their properties.

Printing is easy on them:

Another aspect of customization you should note is that some boxes or materials are very hard. In such cases, it becomes difficult to print on them. Hence, you have to consider the printing conditions before selecting your boxes! Consider your design:

Another vital consideration is whether your packaging fits in with the rest of your branding. The packaging of your burger plays a crucial role as it is the first thing that people see when they think of your company! And so, you need to ensure that it is easy to recognize and stands out from the rest!

The advantages of customization:

And the last reason why custom boxes are preferable is their versatility. There are many types of burgers in the market today, and customization can help you to get the perfect packaging for your burger! These are some of the reasons why you should consider custom boxes if your business is a fast-food outlet.


For starters, Kraft is certainly one of the least expensive materials available today. If you choose a Kraft box, you will pay just a few cents more than a typical plastic one. Additionally, you will be able to save money on items since you won’t have to purchase new materials every time you purchase this material, as it is readily recyclable. There is no special tool or knowledge needed to design Burger Boxes – all you need is a printer and a paper cutter (but even if you don’t have a printer or cutter, most print shops will provide these items).Earn cash for toner cartridges.

You should also consider thoroughly what size and color your logo and brand colors should be before determining how they will appear on the packaging if you are a small family business owner. In most local stores, paper cutters are provided. If your logo fits on the sheet, it won’t be cut in half. Adding or reducing margins around it can make it bigger or smaller. A good rule of thumb when it comes to creating Kraft Burger packaging is that as long as you keep the customer happy, you can do whatever you like.


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